The ultimate guide to men’s slippers – Infographic

Slippers keep your feet warm and comfortable as you lounge around the house, but they’re also a vital piece of safety equipment. That’s because falls – many of which occur in the home – are one of the most common causes of injuries and hospitalizations. 

The good news? There are many awesome leather slippers to choose from. From indoor shoes designed for a Prince, to the footwear of Roman Senators, here’s our ultimate guide to the best slippers for well-dressed men.

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Get in shape with America’s best health and fitness bloggers

closeup of two pairs of senior legs running on pavement

Embrace fitness in the new year.
Image: Halfpoint

Friend, how are those New Year’s resolutions going? Have you promised to get fitter, stronger and healthier in 2021? Taking control of your health and fitness is such a great goal to aspire to.

But it’s always easier to achieve alongside an expert who’s got your back.

Whether you’re a couch potato who needs to shed some pounds, or you’re an active guy who wants to take it to the next level, we’ve got ten of America’s greatest health and fitness bloggers to help you smash those goals.

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How to make leather shoes more waterproof

Man walking along a rainy pavement

Taking care of leather shoes makes them last much longer
Image source: Alex Linch/Shutterstock

Leather shoes need regular cleaning, polishing, and waterproofing to keep them in good condition. Here’s how to make your leather shoes more waterproof – simple, effective measures you can take today that will extend the life of your shoes, keep them looking great, and, perhaps best of all, keep your feet dry. 

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The best American men’s lifestyle blogs

man on laptop

The best of the US lifestyle bloggers at your fingertips
Image source: Shutterstock

What does it mean to be a gentleman? Whatever your own definition might be, take inspiration from some of America’s best men’s lifestyle bloggers who share their wisdom on personal appearance, confidence, relationships, success, travel, and adventure.

Here’s a great selection of some of our favorite blogs for the modern man – a compilation of social savviness, unimpeachable behaviour, and effortless style. What’s not to admire?

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Why it’s smart to wear pajamas

Man wearing loungewear in the Hollywood Golden Age

Loungewear was everywhere during Hollywood’s golden age.
Image Source: Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Dapper men opt for loungewear at home. Unconvinced? Just look to your favorite silver screen heroes – those guys knew how to be comfortable while maintaining the elegance and poise that epitomized Hollywood’s golden era – just check out James Stewart in 1954’s Rear Window – the man is seldom out of his pajamas.

But a decent set of PJs do more than make you look and feel good. When it comes to sleep quality, nightwear helps your body maintain the right temperature all night long. Here we take a look at what the best-dressed guys wear to relax, unwind, and sleep in.

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The ultimate guide to men’s winter shoes

Man wearing leather mens shoes on wet winter day

It’s time to think about upgrading your shoes for winter
Image: alexkatkov

There’s always someone who makes a point of under-dressing for the weather, but there’s nothing manly about not taking good care of yourself. A coat, hat, and an umbrella are essential components of your winter wardrobe – and so is a decent pair of quality leather shoes.

Here are some of the best options for keeping your feet warm and dry this winter, including non-slip shoes and boots to keep you upright no matter what the weather throws at you.
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The best American gentleman’s fashion bloggers

The best of US Style at your fingertips
Image source: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Looking for men’s style ideas to keep you looking professional, poised, and polished? Here are 13 of the best American menswear blogs we’ve enjoyed reading this year. Classic fashion ideas with a modern twist? These writers show you how to dress like the thoroughly modern gentleman that you are.
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Christmas gifts for men who have everything

christmas gift

Make sure your Christmas gifts don’t disappoint this year
Image source: Mattia Pelizzari/Shutterstock

Are you scratching your head over the last few presents to slide under the tree this Christmas? We all know a man who’s hard to buy for, whether it’s your dad, brother, uncle or super stylish son.

Here’s the ultimate gift guide to help you get to the end of your shopping list with time to spare. And if you think you might be that difficult-to-buy-for man yourself – use our list to drop some helpful hints for your family…

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How to wear moleskin

Long-sleeve moleskin shirt in wine from Samuel Windsor

Soft and lightweight – what’s not to love about this stylish fabric?
Image: Long-sleeve moleskin shirt in wine from Samuel Windsor

Moleskin is a soft-textured fabric that feels like the smooth fur of a garden mole – if you were to stroke one. A cotton fabric that’s smart and yet casual, warm and yet lightweight, moleskin is a tactile cloth that offers plenty of dapper menswear options for shirts, jackets and pants. Here’s how to wear it…
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Thanksgiving tips for Brits abroad

Thanksgiving pumpkins

Thanksgiving is often associated with pumpkins
Image source: Priscilla Du Preez

Are you spending Thanksgiving on the far side of the pond? If so, you’ll probably be wondering what it’s all about and, if you’re lucky enough to be invited to a Thanksgiving celebration, how to be the perfect guest. Here we take a look at this uniquely American holiday and pass on some excellent tips from a selection of our favorite US bloggers. If you’re about to experience your first Thanksgiving, here’s what to expect…
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