5 steps to make new leather shoes more comfortable

Leather shoes from Samuel Windsor

A few simple hacks can help make new shoes more comfortable
Image: Samuel Windsor

New leather shoes can be stiff to wear to begin with, but there are several ways you can avoid blisters while enjoying your shiny new Oxfords or Bluchers. Here are our five top tips to help you break in your new shoes, while caring for the leather so that it looks great and lasts a long time. Here’s how to make new shoes more comfortable.
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Three smart ways to knot your tie

shirt collar and smart tie knot

A classic knot adds the finishing touch to a smart outfit
Image source: Shutterstock

Are you looking for a new way to knot your tie? Here are three simple step-by-step video tutorials, complete with commentary and subtitles, to show you how to tie the Windsor, Half-Windsor, and Pratt knots.

Find out which collar style goes best with each knot, and the most suitable occasions at which to show off your favorite neckwear. Ready to have a go? Grab yourself a rich country tie or a luxury silk tie, and let’s get busy…
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Blogs to help you spend less and save more

Man holding a jar of money

Get financially savvy with these top blogs
Image: Shutterstock

Cutting back on spending, saving more, and investing your money to generate passive income – these are some of the best ways to get ahead financially. A little bit of finance knowhow also helps. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best smart-money blogs to help you get ahead. These bloggers are not here to offer financial advice, but they do offer a wealth of innovative and informative ideas to help you take control of your finances and rethink your attitude to money.

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How to wear linen

short sleeve linen shirt from Samuel Windsor

Cool, comfortable and stylish, linen is the perfect summer fabric
Image: Samuel Windsor

Soft, cool to the touch, and comfortable to wear, linen is nature’s climate control fabric. It’s also one of the most versatile menswear materials on the planet, taking the discerning gentleman all the way from the beach to the boardroom. Here’s the fascinating story of linen, and tips on how to wear it…
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10 tips to keep boat shoes smelling fresh

Boat shoes from Samuel Windsor

Keep your shoes fresh and free from odor
Image: Samuel Windsor

Favorite of water-lovers everywhere, from lake to ocean, boat shoes are a smart choice for men who value comfort and style in equal measure. 

But, as a shoe that looks best when worn without socks, how do you keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh? Here are our top ten tips for odor free boat shoes.
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How to choose the best men’s hat for summer

Panama hat from Samuel Windsor

Everyone can wear a hat – it’s just a matter of finding the right one
Image: Samuel Windsor

Do you look good in a hat? You’d be surprised just how few men think so. But that’s not because they don’t suit hats. Looking good in headgear is all about choosing the right hat – the hat which best complements the shape of your face.

Here are five of our most popular summer hats, with tips on how to wear them.
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The complete guide to men’s boat shoes

Boat shoes from Samuel Windsor

Boat shoes come in a range of colors and finishes
Image: Samuel Windsor

Do you love being on the water? If so, you’ll already know the value of a pair of quality deck or boat shoes. But these smart-casual shoes will take you to plenty of places besides the sea, river or lake.

Offering a classic, contemporary look that dates back to the mid-1930s, boat shoes are a comfortable and stylish addition to any man’s closet. To help you get the most out of yours, here’s our complete guide to men’s boat shoes.
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The ultimate guide to men’s brogues

Leather brogues from Samuel Windsor

From leather to suede and oxblood to black, brogues are a stylish choice
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Brogue shoes date back to 16th-century Ireland, drawing their name from the Gaelic word “bróg.” A favorite working shoe of Scottish gamekeepers, farmers and other outdoorsmen, the characteristic perforations were designed to be practical rather than ornamental: the holes let water drain out while walking through wet bogs.
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Men’s guide to straight-lacing Oxford shoes

Prestige Oxford shoe with rubber sole from Samuel Windsor

Elegant shoes require an elegant lacing pattern
Image: Prestige Oxford shoe with rubber sole from Samuel Windsor

Oxford shoes should be worn with high quality waxed shoelaces and laced in a way that showcases their effortless simplicity. The straight-lace, or ladder pattern, allows the clean lines of the shoe to do the talking, and correctly threaded, will prevent the shoestrings from working loose over the course of the day. Watch our video guide for a quick tutorial.

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