6 of the best wedding blogs for grooms

Make wedding planning easy with help from best wedding bloggers and Samuel Windsor

Make wedding planning easy with help from the professionals
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Getting married? If you’re a soon to be groom, best man, member of the wedding party, or maybe just a wedding guest, you’ll want to make sure you do your bit to help the nuptials go without a hitch. To help you with protocol, attire, vows, speeches and more, we scoured the web to find our favorite wedding blogs for men. Guys who help guys get married in style.

Groom Power

What qualities make an excellent best man at a wedding

What qualities make an excellent best man?
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Are you struggling to decide who to ask to be your best man? It’s a tricky decision but, next to choosing the right woman, it’s one of the most important wedding choices you have to make. The guys at Groom Power say: “one of the most important things to look for in choosing your best man is reliability.” That’s because your best man is the guy who’s going to make sure your bachelor party doesn’t get out of hand, get you to the ceremony on time, and make a funny speech that won’t upset your new mother-in-law.

A great site for anyone looking for straight answers to wedding-related questions, Groom Power gives you the lowdown on everything from who does what, to how to fix your button hole and nailing the first dance.

Nail Your Speech

Make a speech people will remember for all the right reasons

Make a speech people will remember for all the right reasons
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Most wedding speeches are awful and the bride, groom and guests are hoping you’re going to be different.”

If the thought of writing your groom, father-of-the-bride, or best man’s speech has you in a cold sweat, Nail Your Speech is for you. It’s the place to come to for the kind of speech that makes guests laugh and cry and remember it as one of the best they’ve ever heard.

Procrastination is at the root of many poor speeches says wedding speech writer, Den Pope. You’re nervous so you put off until tomorrow what really does need to be done today. With testimonials galore from nearly two decades in the business, Den has multiple media endorsements to his name, and a speech package to suit your needs and budget. And once you have a speech to be proud of, check out this witty wordsmith’s blog for tips on rehearsal techniques to help you nail the delivery.

My Wedding Songs

A clever playlist can get your wedding party off to a great start

A clever playlist can get your party off to a great start
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Find out what new wedding songs were released recently, says Matthew Campbell, curator of the extraordinary wedding song blog, My Wedding Songs. The latest tunes with which to serenade your new spouse include songs by Justin Bieber, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Charlie Wilson.

Do you like ‘80s music? Classics from the 1950s and ‘60s? Or is Rap more your thing? Whatever your taste in music, My Wedding Songs has just the selection of tracks with which to create a killer wedding set list. Running short of time? Listen to Matt’s “Wedding Songs Podcast” on your daily commute and put together a playlist to please all ages.

Groomsmen Central

Reward your groomsmen with a memorable gift

Reward your groomsmen with a memorable gift
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How about applying a bit of military precision to your search for the ideal wedding venue? “Start by looking at the total cost of the venue, what’s included, and the required deposit,” says former Marine Corps infantry officer Eric Montgomery. “Now is not the time to be shy. So come right out and ask every detail with regards to fees. No one wants a surprise hidden fee after booking the venue.”

If you’d like nothing but the best wedding venue in your state, Groomsmen Central gives you all the details. Eric also supplies a fine range of awesome groomsmen gifts. Anyone for Eric’s speciality gift, a .50 caliber bottle opener? Check out the site to find out what other inexpensive but memorable gifts he recommends.

Mens Vows

Groom cutting the wedding cake

Give the photographer time off during the meal until you’re ready to cut the cake
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Ask your wedding photographer to use a long lens so he or she doesn’t disturb the ceremony, say the guys at Men’s Vows, the first wedding directory for men getting married to men. As for snapping away during dinner, the guys say: “maybe skip photographing dinner all together as no-one has ever looked good being filmed while eating!“

The really awesome thing about Men’s Vows is that it features so many couples who’ve already tied the knot, giving you advice from men who’ve been there and done it – like Simon and Adam who say: “Step away and really take the day in. I think because we did this, we have such amazing memories…” Great advice – make sure you visit Men’s Vows before you plan your perfect day.

The Plunge

Happy couple on their wedding day

Follow the perfect wedding day with a well-planned honeymoon
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If you’re busy planning your honeymoon, “make sure wherever you go offers the opportunity to peel off on your own when the mood strikes,” say the people at The Plunge, one of the internet’s best wedding guides for men. “As impossible as it sounds now, you might not want to spend every waking moment of your honeymoon together.”

The Plunge features everything you need to know for the perfect bachelor party, wedding day, and honeymoon. Try these stripper-free bachelor party ideas – including old favorites like golf and more unusual experiences like cattle herding! “Think: City Slickers. Yep, you can actually book this kind of ‘working vacation’ where you live like cowboys.”

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best men’s wedding blogs around. And don’t forget, for formal and casual wear in the classic British style, Samuel Windsor’s your best man.

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