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view of a long straight road running through American desert

Tempted by the allure of the open road?
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Kids graduated into adulthood? Now’s a great time to rediscover your love for travel and adventure. Here we’ve brought together fifteen of the best travel blogs for mature travelers – inspirational reading to entice and inform as you take to the road once more.

Adventures of Empty Nesters

multi-generational family all cooking - photo by Adventure of Empty Nesters

Too many cooks? Not so says Suzanne Stavert.
Image: Adventures of Empty Nesters

The secret to successful multi-generational travel is food and wine, says empty nester Suzanne Stavert. When she took a trip to Tuscany she booked a class at La Chiusa with Chef Dania: “Every member of the family, from millennial to middle-aged, to my mom and stepfather, were thrilled.” Eating and drinking, Suzanne explains, fuel communication and inclusivity.

When her kids grew up, Suzanne could have decided to slow down, but instead, she says “‘Yes!’ to ideas that many people think are impossible.” Now she travels the globe, and writes of her adventures. Check out her awesome guide to the Hungarian capital, Budapest – a boat trip down the Danube really is a must.

Backroad Planet

Dunkirk Historical Lighthouse in New York State - photo by Back Road Planet

The spookiest lighthouse in New York State?
Image: Backroad Planet

Heavy footsteps in the hallway, a phantom cat, and a “guest” who climbs into your bed are just a few of the spooky highlights encountered on the Haunted History Trail of New York State, says Howard Blount who runs the travel website Backroad Planet with his fellow adventurer Jerry Woods.

Fortunately, nothing disturbed the slumbers of Howard and his “travel wife” Melody Pittman during their stay at the Allegiance Bed and Breakfast, but the thought that they might adds a chill and a thrill to a fun post that takes you to some unexpected places.

Planning a road trip? Take a look at Backroad Planet’s guide to National Scenic Byways for inspiration.


Banque d’Athenes in Thessaloniki.

The impressive Banque d’Athenes building now houses the Jewish museum of Thessaloniki.
Image: BonVoyageurs

Will Medicare cover you while you travel? As long as you stay within the United States, you should be fine. Traveling further afield? You may be covered for emergency care in certain circumstances. This post is essential reading for all, especially if you’re traveling overseas.

The brainchild of former international business travelers, Denis and Lynn Gagnon, BonVoyageurs is a tour de force of adventurous travel for discerning explorers. Our recommendation? Take a look at Denis’ guide to the Greek city of Thessaloniki. Once the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”, it homes the oldest Jewish population in Europe.

Life Part 2

Bridge to São João Baptista Fort on Berlenga Grande - photo by Life Part 2

Heading to Portugal? Jonathan and Sarah currently live there.
Image: Life Part 2

I thought Portuguese would be easyish!” says globetrotting nomad, Sarah. “That was my first mistake!” Portuguese, she says, sounds a bit like drunk Russian. Find out how much an intensive language course in the country’s capital, Lisbon helped improve her fluency.

Baby boomers from opposite sides of the Atlantic, Sarah and Jonathan met on the road and now share their wandering lifestyle. There’s a wealth of travel expertise and inspiration here – from detailed costings for living in Africa, Asia, Europe and more, to riveting accounts of fun times in Portugal – check out their trip to the Silver Coast’s Berlenga Islands – Jonathan’s photography is spectacular.

Man on the Lam

colorful Siberian church with clock tower - photo by Man on the Lam

Far from bleak – Siberia is surprisingly colorful.
Image: Man on the Lam

In a former life, Raymond of Man on the Lam worked in the corporate world – now he explores the real world. You’ll love his eye-opening account of his adventures in Siberia. While it might not be the first place on most people’s bucket lists, this intrepid explorer says: “I went looking for the stereotype, but in the end, I realized the only stereotype was me: The Judgmental Foreigner.”

But if you fancy starting with a soft adventure, check out his post for avoiding common RV ownership pitfalls. Our favourite tip? Investing in motorhome specific GPS will save you from tricky and embarrassing situations!

More Time to Travel

photo of the waterways through Alsace & Lorraine - photo by More Time To Travel

Enjoy a lazy cruise on the French canals.
Image: More Time to Travel

From nibbling delicious pasticciotti in Italy’s deep south to sampling the best maple syrup in frozen Quebec, travel is as much about taste sensations as it is sights for curious eyes. Here you’ll find both, and much more courtesy of award-winning journalist, author, and blogger Irene S. Levine Phd.

Geared towards the mature traveler, More Time to Travel gives you a taste of sparkling wine in Alsace, France – it was love at first sip, accommodations and cuisine in rural Portugal, and travel tips aplenty. Is Delta Comfort Plus worth the extra money? Here’s where you’ll find out.

My Itchy Travel Feet

Grizzly bear shot at Fish Creek - photo by My Itchy Travel Feet

Travel for baby boomers is about enjoying more than just the ‘bear’ essentials.
Image: My Itchy Travel Feet

“I like the heady mix of luxury and adventure,” says My Itchy Feet’s Donna who jokingly calls herself a “travel princess.” If that sounds like you, you’ll love this blog which sees the baby boomer author and her husband, Alan take on just the level of adventure you might be looking for – active, inquisitive, challenging but not too scary.

Tag along for some awesome adventures – like bear spotting in remote fish Creek Alaska. Donna and Alan spotted both brown and grizzly bears – the wolf was a real surprise though. Afterwards, it was off for a tasty breakfast of their own – now that’s the way to travel. This site is a must.

Passing Thru

Lukomir, Bosnia - The village mosque minaret - photo by Passing Thru

Lukomir – Bosnia’s most remote village.
Image: Passing Thru

Looking for the road less traveled? Here you’ll find travelogues to delight and inspire – like Peter and Betsy’s trek high into the mountains of Bosnia and the county’s most isolated village: “Lukomir is a study in contrasts: the grandeur of its setting, the humbleness of its buildings, the strength and longevity of its people, and the fragility of their lifestyle.” The place that time forgot, this is travel writing and photography at its very best.

Looking for guides to far flung places? Check out Passing Thru’s series of excellent “First Timer” guides from Bergen to Vienna and everywhere in between. Never been on a river cruise before? “The size of the vessel is far less intimidating than a giant ocean-going ship, and ports are conveniently close together.”

The Traveling Seniors

The Burfordville Covered Bridge in Missouri - photo by The Traveling Seniors

The Burfordville Covered Bridge in Missouri is the oldest remaining of its type.
Image: The Traveling Seniors

“Instead of holding you back, getting older should actually be a motivation, don’t you think?” says Traveling Senior, Barb Bradley. She and travel buddy, freelance photographer Stu Schaefer lost contact for 30 years, but found each other on the road and now, rather than sitting back and waiting for the end, are off in search of new and unexplored parts of the USA.

Take a backroads trip say the Traveling Seniors – they visited rural Missouri, where they discovered the state’s last covered bridge, and what might be the best collection of French Colonial architecture in the hemisphere. Their tip? Visit St Genevieve Missouri right away – the place is slated to become a Historic National Park. Failing that take a look at the blog – the photography is, as you’d expect, amazing.

Travelling Boomer

deck of a cruise ship - photo from The Travelling Boomer

Could you live on a cruise ship full time?
Image: Travelling Boomer

Would you like to see the best destinations the world has to offer? Semi-retired journalist and travel writer, Paul Marshman gives you his “big six” trips for baby boomers. The Antarctic and the South Pacific are two, but can you guess the rest?

An excellent resource for mature travelers, find out why the Norwegian sailors hung model ships in their churches, gain insight into what it might be like to retire to a cruise ship, and get all the information you need on traveling with your meds. Travelling Boomer gives you a wealth of travel inspiration along with the resources you need to make it happen.

Travel Past 50

leopard against scrubland in India - shot by Travel Past 50

Kris spotted this leopard, but did she bag a tiger?
Image: Travel Past 50

“It’s usually the monkeys that will give away the tigers’ positions as they look and squawk, leaping across tree tops to warn of the danger,” writes Kristin Henning and Tom Bartel of Travel Past 50. Her account of a rewarding, if at times frustrating Indian tiger safari offers a real taste of the subcontinent.

You’ll love Travel Past 50 for its wide ranging subject matter which includes everything from how to take better photos (ask permission, get close), the best tech gear for travel (noise cancelling earbuds are a must), to taking in Berlin’s art scene. And would Kris ever get to see a tiger in the wild? You’ll have to check out her post to find out…

The Travelling Fool

Patan Durbar square, Nepal

Patan Durbar square, Nepal
Image: The Travelling Fool

Thinking of visiting Nepal but unsure how many cultural treasures remain after the earthquake of 2015? Bob Bales, aka The Travelling Fool, says: “Many were unaffected or only damaged” and “many of the ones destroyed are currently being rebuilt”. Tag along as he takes a trip to the hippie destination of the 1960s – the temples are incredible.

A man who enjoys fine cigars, malt whiskey, and travel, you’ll enjoy Bob’s laid back vibe and no nonsense writing style. Heading to Texas? Why not rent a cabin? It’s the perfect base from which to visit the state parks, historic sites and nature areas – as Bob says: “Just because you don’t want to sleep in a tent or camper trailer doesn’t mean you have to forgo enjoying the outdoors.”


Rural Iceland - photo by Landlopers

Iceland makes Matt’s list of the best places to visit in 2019
Image: LandLopers

Arguably few would associate Ireland with haute cuisine but, says LandLopers’ Matt, forget tales of soggy stew because the traditional fare is delicious. The same goes for, among others, the UK, and Finland where the locals perform wonders with reindeer meat.

The ordinary person’s guide to the extraordinary, Matt started his website to help bring you the best adventures the world has to offer. Looking for travel ideas for 2019? Rural Iceland gets Matt’s vote: “Spending time in the northern tier of Iceland feels like standing on the edge of the world because, well, you are.” He has 18 more suggestions too, making his site well worth a visit.

Clark Norton

river cruise at Avignone moorage - France

Take a small boat cruise to avoid crowding the locals
Image: Leonid Andronov

Is “over tourism” the new plague, asks baby boomer travel expert Clark Norton? You might have experienced it yourself “when battling humongous lines to enter San Marco in Venice, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, or the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.” But what can you do about it?

As a leading travel blogger, Clark is all for exploring our world, but argues that the best way to do so is to avoid this year’s “hot” destinations, travel off season, or take small boat or river cruises to avoid the crowds. You’ll find a wealth of sensible travel advice here plus insights into faraway destinations. Find out why New Zealand is a baby boomer’s paradise – scenic beauty, outdoor activities, friendly people, and much more.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Private room in Versailles - photo by A Luxury Travel Blog

Unlock the secret rooms at Versailles
Image: A Luxury Travel Blog

Taking a trip to Europe? Amsterdam’s fine dining makes the Dutch capital a worthy destination. For French cuisine by the canal, for example, blogger Paul recommends Brasserie Ambassade: “The Scallops with barigoule cream and confit tomato are a can’t miss starter.”

A Luxury Travel Blog brings you all the latest news from the world of exclusive travel, plus insider tips galore. Looking for ways to jazz up a trip to Paris? Try unlocking the private rooms at the Palace of Versailles, or take a backstage tour of the Paris opera. This is the perfect site for anyone looking for more than the typical tourist experience.

Have we missed one of your favorite travel blogs? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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