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Get inspired by the top male skincare bloggers in the business.
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Male grooming is big business, but when there’s so much ‘helpful’ advice out there, how do you know which sources to trust? To help you tell fact from fiction, we’ve scoured the web to find some of America’s best male grooming blogs – guys who know their stuff. Enjoy.

Guy Counseling

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Men’s grooming helps you care for yourself and your car
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Unlucky in love? “When you get turned down a lot, rejection has a way of taking a toll,” say the chaps at Guy Counseling. So what can you do to improve your chances of meeting someone special? “Think of it as a moment for you to take personal inventory and revisit your marketing strategy – rather than a judgment of who you are.”

If you’d like to know how to change the oil on your car, dress for a wedding, or do your bit to close the gender gap, here’s the site for you. Guy Counseling is full of useful info presented in a man-friendly way – all the detail you need without going on and on.

Balding Beards

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Try this for size – a less invasive way of beating male pattern baldness
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Nobody likes a man with dandruff in his beard, says Domen Hrovatin, the man behind Balding Beards. If you’re afflicted, coconut oil is a great choice for keeping your skin moist. Domen says it also helps to “prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungus that can lead to infections and other nasty stuff on the skin.”

Truly a boon for the balding and bearded, Domen takes comprehensive look at male grooming, covering all the questions you always wanted to ask– like is it worth getting a hair transplant? Check out the new kid on the block – PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy uses your own blood to regenerate your pate.

Male Groomings

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How tight is your pre-workout regime?
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How about some dynamic stretching to get yourself warmed up for your workout? Just one of the tips on offer from the guys at Male Groomings who offer lots of helpful info on preparing properly for your workout. Having a coffee before you start is a winner for us.

As well as helping you get the most from your gym time, these med students turned male grooming experts put thousands of hours into testing male beauty products so you don’t have to. Wondering which beard trimmer to buy? Check out their favorites – products “which offer same quality that a barber shop would give you except in the comfort of your own bathroom”.

The Manliness Kit

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Give your hair some body with sea salt
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Synthetic deodorants are full of nasty chemicals, some of which your mother uses to clean the floor, says John at The Manliness Kit. If you’re looking for a natural way to keep your pits odor free without inhibiting your skin’s natural sweating process, you need this guide to natural deodorants. Sandalwood Natural Deodorant by Bali Secrets claims the runner up spot – check out the site to discover the winner.

A full throttle, no holds barred approach to male grooming, it’s like John says, “I believe that the way you present yourself to the world says a lot about you and even influences the course of your life.” Looking for a natural way to control your hair? Give sea salt spray a try.


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Banish your eyebags with Bart’s recommendations.
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If your skin could do with a makeover, this is the site for you. Self-confessed facemask obsessive Bart “thirsts for the latest and greatest, but is persuaded only by ‘what works’.” And what works? Retinol, specifically Tazarotene. Check out Bart’s review of Drunk Elephant’s new A-Passioni retinol cream – it’s a hit – he says “It’s an anti-aging salad and I’m here for it”.

Your go-to resource for all things male beauty related, Bart’s Instagram is also well worth taking a look at, though not if you’re likely to suffer from cosmetic product “shelf envy”. OMG indeed.

Prim and Prep

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Follow Ben’s tips to keep your skin clear
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Do you have acne? Carry out a controlled explosion on any spots that are about to blow anyway, then after thoroughly washing your face, apply your shaving cream with your fingers. 60 million Americans suffer from acne say the guys at Prim and Prep – trust us – their acne sufferers’ guide to comfortable and effective shaving is a must.

The brainchild of former financier Ben Rose, Prim and Prep takes the scientific, evidence-based approach to male grooming further than any other site we’ve found. On a tight budget? Check out Ben’s DIY beard oil guide to produce your own quality product for around $5 per bottle.


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Always shave with the grain
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What’s menthol and why is it in my shaving stuff?” asks this shave tutor and sharpologist. It turns out it’s made by freezing peppermint oil and filtering out the crystals. Menthol works in a similar way to capsicum, the food ingredient that gives spice its warming hit – except in reverse, activating proteins in your skin which trick your nervous system into thinking you’re applying something cool.

Which is a cool fact and, it must be said, one of the many interesting insights into the world of shaving and shaving products which you’ll find here. Looking to improve your wet shave technique? Check out the Sharpologist’s wet shave 101.

The Gents Blog

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Learn all about fragrance with the Gent’s Blog
Image: The Gents Blog

Do you know your ozonic fragrances from your chypre? The former gives you that oncoming thunderstorm scent, while the latter is a warm, mossy fragrance with citrus overtones – think bergamot, cypress, and labdanum, say the guys at The Gent’s Blog, the intellectual arm of exclusive men’s hair and grooming franchise, The Gents Place.

As well as learning to tell the difference between colognes, you’ll pick up some superb men’s health, grooming, lifestyle and style advice here. Looking for a men’s winter coat fit for a modern gent? A traditional navy peacoat is perfect for business use, and is packed with traditional maritime style cues – like anchors on the buttons.

Zeus Beard

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Stress damages your body and your beard
Image: Zeus Beard

Not only is stress bad for your health, it’s also bad for your hair – think decreased testosterone, increased pro-inflammatory cortisol, and your beard will suffer. Here to help you get your lifestyle back on track, the guys at all natural beard product purveyors, Zeus, have some great advice for men under pressure.

Eat healthy, be active, and find a good community – perfect tips from people who care. Fancy rocking some facial hair but aren’t quite ready to go for the full beard? Try growing a goatee – you’ll be in fine company – from George Clooney to Brad Pitt and Chris Pratt, find out how to create a style that works for you.

Have we missed one of your favorite men’s grooming blogs? Let us know in the comments below! We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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