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Looking for men’s style ideas to keep you looking professional, poised, and polished? Here we bring you some of the best American menswear blogs we’ve found so far. Classic fashion ideas with a modern twist? These writers show you how to dress like the thoroughly modern gent you are.

Dapper Professional

Looking for ways to wear a blazer? “I went with a green cardigan and a blue, winter-wool, plaid blazer,” says Ben, a financier and dapper menswear blogger from Chicago, IL. Do check out the deep burgundy silk knit tie that completes his look – just one of the bold ties he showcases for the holiday season and beyond.

A professional man who knows how to tread the line between a wardrobe that’s “bold …yet subtle enough to wear in a work environment,” is a rare thing. Looking for a new suit? “Always focus on the shoulder fit,” Ben says. “Everything else can be altered.”

Notoriously Dapper

“Your body is the blank canvas and your clothes are the medium,” says body-positive style guide, Kelvin Davis. A man with an exuberant dress sense, you’ll love his take on menswear classics. Like this blue gingham blazer, pink chinos combo. “…..YES! PINK CHINOS!” But boy does Kelvin rock the look.

An award nominated writer, do check out Kelvin’s book “Notoriously Dapper. A guide for modern gents, the NYT says: “Davis certainly has something to say to young men about what we lose when we give up the concept of being a gentleman and what we have to gain when we cherish it.”

DC Fashion Fool

Want to give your business suit a sleek, edgy look? Why not go tonal? “The easy way to jump on this style is to go with black,” says DC based lifestyle and fashion blogger Barnette R. Holston, Jr – “Grays, charcoals and blue also work well for a monochromatic style, but also think of adding a bit of color.

Looking and feeling great along with having fun, is the key to a great life,” says the DC Fashion Fool. That’s a philosophy you’ll see put into practice here. Check out Barnette’s outfit for National Bowtie Day… Now that’s what we call dapper.

From Squalor to Baller

What do you do if you’re stuck at home with a bad cold? If you’re fashion blogger Ian Anderson, you fix yourself some chicken soup and sit down to write about your favorite Shetland wool sweaters: “The rich, marled colors…and…textured surface make them a wonderful companion for autumnal weather.” Reasonably priced for a high-end clothing item, these sweaters originally hailed from the remote islands off the Scottish coast. Simply put, you’ll love them.

The ultimate fusion of classic with a modern twist, Ian’s take on men’s fashion is incredibly wearable. Looking to spruce up a suit? Check out his buying guide for knit ties – you won’t regret it.

Gentleman Within

Weekend trip with the boys? What should you pack? When fashion blogger Khoi flew to Denver Colorado, his bag included clothes and accessories for daytime hiking and evening nights out in the city. Pack “grays, blues, tans and olives [which are] easy to mix and match,” Khoi says.

In the market for some new boots? Check out Khoi’s review of three pairs of quality boots for under $200. Clearly a man who favors products that stand the test of time, Khoi shows you new boots, and what they look like two years later – even after a three month sabbatical to Australia and New Zealand. Awesome blog, Khoi.

Men’s Style Pro

If you’d like to inject a touch of sex appeal into your wardrobe, you’ll be interested to know that 1970s disco swagger is back. Think denim on denim, funky bombers, Chelsea boots and more says fashion writer and consultant, Sabir M. Peele.

One of Esquire Magazine’s “5 Best Dressed Real Men in America,” Sabir is an authority on mens fashion worth paying attention to. You’ll love his take on classic American workwear – he combines classic elegance with a modern edge that will transform the way you wear a suit forever.

Quintessential Gent

If you’re of the opinion that “nothing is better than a pair of quality handmade shoes!”, you’ll love the Quintessential Gent. Nicholas bases his style on the British country aesthetic – channeling Downton Abbey elegance to “help you be the absolute best gentleman you can be”.

There’s no point dressing dapper during the day and then slobbing around in sweatpants in the evening. Nicholas recommends a matching set of pyjamas and a sophisticated dressing gown. Paying attention to the details “will provide you a level of gratification in knowing that you are best presenting yourself around the people who mean the most to you.

Modern Fellows

Are you a man who likes his wrist watch to feature Arabic rather than Roman numerals? Modern Fellows’ creator Jake agrees. If you’re thinking of investing in a new timepiece, check out Jake’s round up of the best timepieces for the modern gent, including watches by makers from across America, Canada, Great Britain, and beyond.

A champion of the very best fashion and style entrepreneurs, Jake helps you access new sartorial ideas right as they come on trend. Looking for a good men’s fashion book? Start with The Measure of a Man: The Story of a Father, a Son, and a Suit by JJ Lee, says Jake. “A story about what it means to be a man that is at turns raw, sad and hopeful.”

One Dapper Street

If you’re on the hunt for some layering ideas for Fall, German born New Yorker, Marcel has a treat in store for you. He shows you how, by basing his look on a fisherman’s sweater, he’s able to build an ensemble that’s super casual, but never less than visually appealing and punchy too.

A guy whose sense of style speaks for itself, Marcel’s eyewear showcase is essential viewing. If you struggle to choose the best shaped specs or sunglasses, Marcel takes you through classic frames like the Wayfarer and Clubmaster, as well as the best offerings by Ray Ban, Armani and Ralph Lauren. Our favorite? The hex Ray Bans. But what would you choose?

Put This On

“Before buying anything, ask yourself: “Does this fit well? Does it flatter my body?” write the guys at ‘Put This On’, one of the most popular style blogs out there. Which is why if you’re new to elegant dressing, you must check out their ‘Practical guide to getting started’ – wise advice from guys who know their stuff.

Looking good begins with understanding fit, they say, but it’s also about educating your eye to distinguish between a good outfit and one that falls short. Want to know how to build a Fall wardrobe on a budget? Derek says to focus on coordinating classic clothing as “it doesn’t cycle in-and-out of trends as easily, so it allows you to build a quality wardrobe over time (rather than having to start anew every season).

We couldn’t agree more.

Street x Sprezza

Are you for fedoras, or do you think their reputation is too sleazy for a modern wardrobe? Ethan of Street x Sprezza, was never sure, but is now a convert thanks to owning a very snappy example. He says he likes “how natural (and slouchy) they make tailoring look.

All about “Classic menswear with a punk attitude” Sprezza refers to the Italian penchant for “studied carelessness”. Not that there’s anything careless about Ethan’s dress sense which is “Golden Era 1930’s style, with modern tailoring.Menswear trip to NYC anyone?

40 Over Fashion

“Sunglasses are not one size fits all,” says John, the man behind 40 Over fashion. He’d been having problems with his sunglasses sliding down his nose when, almost by chance, he discovered what those numbers on the inside of the arm mean. It turns out they’re all about fit – take a look at his post to find out more.

A man who practises the style advice he preaches, John started his men’s fashion blog when he lost weight, and was searching for advice about what to wear for men over 40. He says “I wanted to look polished, but not stuffy and I wanted my clothes to fit me better.” That’s just the advice you’ll find right here.

Stay Classic Blog

How’s your hair looking these days? If you’re beginning to thin a little, blogger, photographer, ex-skater and punk band member, Tim has some great ideas for hanging onto and making the most of what you have left. His advice on male-pattern baldness? Since most women don’t care, try not to over-obsess.

A wonderful men’s fashion resource, Stay Classic is full of Tim’s inspiring photographic work, and is a fun and informative insight into the life and times of a pro photographer living and working in San Diego. Looking for some ideas for how to wear suit separates? Tim showcases some stylish choices.

Have we missed any mens fashion blogs you love? If so we’d love to hear about the blogs you like to read. Let us know in the comments below.

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