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Looking for men’s style ideas to keep you looking professional, poised, and polished? Here are 13 of the best American menswear blogs we’ve enjoyed reading this year. Classic fashion ideas with a modern twist? These writers show you how to dress like the thoroughly modern gentleman that you are.

Gentleman Within

Man looking in a mirror

Classic menswear is long-lasting, sustainable, and always looks great
Image: Gentleman Within

We know that exercise can boost confidence. But we don’t hear much about how confidence can boost your exercise,” says Khoi of Gentleman Within. Can looking good at the gym make your workout better? Yes it can, says Khoi – especially moisture wicking shirts which look so much better than sweaty cotton.

Khoi says he began Gentleman Withinbecause I believe in the power of personal presentation.” He writes that being intentional about dress helped him take personal responsibility for his life. Would you like to develop a sustainable wardrobe? Do check out Khoi’s post about investing in high quality items of classic clothing and sustainable men’s fashion – it’ll help you separate the real thing from the greenwash.

From Squalor to Baller

Coats hanging up in a wardrobe

Investing in suitable outerwear is important to blogger Ian
Image: conejota/Shutterstock

If you ask a menswear guy what the coolest part of his wardrobe is, the answer will usually be one of two things – shoes or outerwear,” says Ian Anderson at Squalor to Baller. Why? According to Ian, “I feel that investing in great outerwear can really define one’s style.” Read his Ode to Outerwear to find out which types of coats and jackets this fashion blogger recommends every man should invest in.

An engineer, musician and part-time blogger from San Francisco, Ian says: “We all live in a ‘business casual’ world, for better or worse. This site serves as a resource to help men flourish in that environment, rather than succumb to it.” Here you’ll find some great menswear advice plus plenty of excellent product reviews – including a section on packing and travel – essential reading for men on the move.

Quintessential Gent

man holding Samuel Windsor brogues

Nicholas reviews a pair of “handsome brown” Samuel Windsor brogues
Image: Quintessential Gent

Shoes are the foundation of your preppy summer look says Nicholas of Quintessential Gent. Choose from boat shoes, the ultimate casual shoe, best worn without socks; loafers, which bridge the divide between casual and smart casual; and brogues for more formal occasions. Do check out the rest of his super-informative video for the best preppy summer wear.

The Quintessential Gent aims to “help you be the absolute best gentleman you can be.” With this in mind, you’ll find plenty of advice and information here to help you look and act the part. Looking for a natty pair of brogues? Nicholas reviews a pair of Samuel Windsor shoes – “versatile enough to wear to the office, or a weekend in the country,” he says – they’ve quickly become a wardrobe staple.

Modern Fellows

Aerial shot of the US capital

The US Capital is the place to go for fashion & style
Image: Orhan Cam/Shutterstock

Looking for insights into how men’s fashion will change, post-COVID? If so, join Jake from Modern Fellows as he interviews Todd Shelton, the entrepreneur behind the eponymous clothing brand. Fascinating reading, Todd says that, as well as accelerating the transition from traditional retail to e-commerce, “I think the frequency in which we wear suits will drop dramatically — and I don’t think it will come back.

A man with his finger on the pulse of established and emerging menswear startups, Modern Fellows is your go-to resource for info about all the latest developments in gents’ fashion. If, like Jake, you’re based around DC, you must check out his analysis of DC fashion and style.

Put This On

Soft tailoring flat lay

For a more casual look, Put This On recommends styling out ‘soft tailoring’
Image: Alexey_Erofejchev/Shutterstock

Soft tailoring promises to be more comfortable, casual, and modern,” say the guys at Put This On. But when is soft too soft? Discover how men’s jackets are made, and when and where you might need a little structure because, as they say, “not everyone looks good with a mushy shoulder line.

No matter how you feel, dressing well will make you feel better – and you’ll be doing yourself a favor too, because like it or not, we’re judged on how we look. Put It On’s ethos is simply to help you derive pleasure from looking your best. Start with their excellent post, ‘why this matters’, because it does, and because it’s a beautifully written piece.

Street X Sprezza

Ethan Wong from Street X Sprezza

Ethan M. Wong – dapper dresser and super-knowledgeable menswear aficionado
Image: Street X Sprezza

The Navy Blazer with Brass Buttons reached peak maturity in the 1960s with Ivy-Trad,” says Ethan Wong of Street X Sprezza. But bold and brash as it is, he says there’s still “something charming about it.” Unlike the ubiquitous navy sport coat, Ethan says “it just provides so much character, coinciding with an intentional look instead of being a catch-all for any situation.

A full rundown of the development of the navy blazer is just one post from the insightful and informative menswear treasure trove this blog represents. Ethan says he began Street X Sprezza during a “particularly boring business law class.” It’s great stuff – the guy is self-effacing with a sense of humor. Begin with Old Ethan, My Style Evolution, and The Journey to Being Myself.

Red Clay Soul

road in the American South

Red Clay Soul embraces his Southern roots
Image: Cavan-Images/Shutterstock

Unfortunately, there are casualties in the cycles of fashion…looking back on what we all wore through the years, there are quite a few goodies that fell out of favor for one reason or another, and it’s a real shame,” says JRS of Red Clay Soul. Read his nostalgic ‘Bring it Back’ post to find out which classics he misses the most.

Red Clay Soul has Southern style and culture at its heart. Discussing a wide variety of interesting topics from fashion to sports and outdoor activities, you’re sure to find plenty of interesting reading here.

Dandy in the Bronx

Diego from Dandy In The Bronx sitting above a subway station sign

Diego showcases style, culture, and creativity in the Bronx
Image: Dandy In The Bronx

There are three rules for accessorizing, says Diego of Dandy in the Bronx: Less is more; quality over quantity; and prioritizing versatility. Join the Dandy in the Bronx as he shows you how to choose which accessories to wear, how to assemble an effective color palette, and why a spot of tailoring here and there upgrades your look without bankrupting your wallet.

Born and raised in the Bronx, Diego “aims to put the power to positively change the Bronx in the hands of those who live and are from there.” As well as promoting a polished look, he works with Brands and social projects that impact positively on his local area. Want to look stylish riding your motorcycle? See Diego’s tips – he says a leather jacket and layering is the way to go.

Levitate Style

Man on a phone wearing a blazer and jeans

Can you rock the blazer/jean combo?
Image: bokan/Shutterstock

Looking for a substantial jacket for this Fall? Join Leo from Levitate Style as he explains how to wear a sherpa lined trucker jacket. He says: “A black or white turtleneck is a great piece for dressing up a look, but if you want to keep it casual just pick a color that complements your trucker jacket.” Head over to his blog for the rest of Leo’s snappy outfit.

Leo was born in Hong Kong but moved to NYC when he was 10. His style is “a reflection of an urban/modern take of NYC, mixing classic menswear like suits with casual style pieces like sneakers and leather jackets.” A versatile look for the man about town, we recommend Leo’s post ‘How to wear a blazer with jeans’.

The Kavalier

Jon Shanahan of The Kavalier

Jon Shanahan of The Kavalier brings you the best of the best of menswear
Image: The Kavalier

Have you found yourself reaching for your Fall sweaters only to discover moth holes in your favorite wool and cashmere garments? Storing your clothes properly is essential for keeping them in great condition, says Jon Shanahan from The Kavalier. Do take a look at his excellent video on proper storage – you’ll love his new cedar wood crates – they look great and apparently they smell awesome too.

The Kavalier – German for gentleman – is the brainchild of Jon Shanahan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His ethos is one of continuous self improvement, a journey he shares through this excellent blog. Do you struggle to keep your shirt tucked in? Jon shares the best solutions.

Style Girlfriend

woman styling man with clothes

Style Girlfriend casts an female-driven perspective over menswear
Image: Karramba Production/Shutterstock

You’re sure to know that chukka boots are a versatile option, but did you know just how versatile? Join the team at Style Girlfriend as they run you through five distinctive ways to style your chukkas. They say, “try putting a chambray shirt under a crewneck sweatshirt under a topcoat for the most casual-yet-pulled-together combo possible.”

Style Girlfriend is a must for men who’d like to adapt their style and value a female perspective. Here you’ll find “female-driven insight into the type of man women want to be with, from how he dresses to how he acts.” There’s plenty of great advice here to make you look better and feel more confident.

40 Over Fashion

John from 40 Over Fashion

Dapper dresser, John
Image: 40 Over Fashion via Instagram

Nobody’s gonna tell you at the time you’re making a faux pas,” says John at 40 Over Fashion. But don’t worry – he’s got your back. In fact, if you’re a little unsure of your menswear dos and don’ts, check out John’s ‘9 WORST Fashion Faux Pas Men Make’. From remembering never to fasten your bottom jacket button to making sure you match your belt and shoes, you’ll never get it wrong again.

John started 40 Over Fashion when he lost 35lbs and realised that nothing in his closet fit anymore. Now he seeks out the best in menswear for mature men. He says “I wanted to look polished, but not stuffy and I wanted my clothes to fit me better.” Does that sound like you? Take a look at John’s excellent post – 5 Ways to Style Boots For a Night Out.

Phil Cohen

Man and son dressed in same outfit

Phil often features his son in his flat lay menswear photos
Image: Monkey Business Images

Up for some wardrobe art? Phil Cohen specialises in the kind of flat lay photography that’s guaranteed to provide plenty of menswear inspiration. Do check out his Who Wore it Better pics – fun father and son outfits where young Ollie gets to showcase his clothes alongside his more famous dad’s!

An art director at a graphic design agency, Phil’s Instagram, @pacman82, depicting snapshots of his daily outfits quickly grew to become one of the most followed Instagram men’s fashion accounts. But having realised that selfies weren’t really his thing, he changed over to flat lay. Genius!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of some of our top picks from the American gentleman’s fashion blogosphere. Have we missed one of your favorite menswear blogs? Do let us know over at Facebook or Twitter.

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