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If you’re looking for reliable sources to bring you the latest advice, information, and scientific research during the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s our pick of some of the best Twitter accounts to follow. These are just some of the physicians doing their very best to cut through the misinformation and scaremongering to bring you only the news, views and information that matters.


Can your pets catch COVID19? No, says Dr Mike, but they can carry the virus on their coats, so don’t let strangers pet your dog and do remember to wash your hands after you’ve been in contact with any animal. Check out the rest of his answers to the top ten COVID19 questions his friends and relatives have asked him over recent days.

Dr Mike Varshavski is a board certified family medicine physician and your go-to resource for answering questions about the current pandemic and more. Dr Mike cuts through the misinformation to bring you the facts you really need to know.


Coming up with an antibody test for COVID19 is far harder than it might initially appear. Find out just how challenging the search for a reliable antibody testing solution for the virus really is. Eric Topol posts the facts so that you can stay informed.

Looking for truth amid the COVID19 chatter? Eric Topol is the Founder and Director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, Professor, Molecular Medicine, and Executive Vice-President of Scripps Research. If you’re looking for an expert medical source you can trust, Eric is it.


“Aside from social isolation and masks, it is also possible that [exercise] is your best strategy to minimize the risk of having severe issues with COVID19.” says Howard Luks MD. A visit to Howard’s website will give you all the info on the many benefits of working out – like making “your white blood cells become better at seeking out and destroying viral invaders.”

An orthopedic surgeon, Howard offers a balanced view of the COVID19 pandemic with quick answer videos to common COVID questions, along with plenty of help and advice for those suffering joint pains. Elbow pain? Find out what might be causing it, and what you can do about it.


Find out why scientists need to be so careful to make sure a vaccine to prevent COVID19 doesn’t do more harm than good. Dr. Zubin Damania’s COVID19 video series, dedicated to answering your urgent questions, gives you just the clarity you’re looking for right now.

Plus, get the latest information on how COVID19 might be spread so you can protect yourself and others, either in a clinical setting or at home. Dr Damania a.k.a Zdoggmd in conversation with Dr Gloria Hwang, Associate Medical Professor of Radiology at Stanford provides the very latest insights.


Check out the evidence about presymptomatic transmission of COVID19 coming from Singapore thanks to this timely post from medic, Allison Bond MD. She says it’s further evidence supporting the vital necessity of social distancing, and questions whether the widespread wearing of masks might be a suitable preventative measure.

As an infectious disease fellow at @UCSF, Allison is a reliable source of evidence-based advice; a medic’s-eye-view of the pandemic, plus a sense of proportionality that reminds us that despite everything, “The sky is blue, the grass is green, and it’s a great day to be alive.”


Find out how Shakespeare responded to the pandemic of his time – the plague, says Gavin Preston MD. Linking to an insightful article in the New York Times, retired physician, Gavin’s take on the crisis is to combine the dissemination of reliable information with a call to our gentler natures:

“I feel around me in society – & at home – A greatly heightened level of anxiety. I’ve had two relatives who’re usually very kind and gentle become suddenly combative and critical. Knowing their anger was due to near-panic, I’ve been: 1. Being 1st to apologize. 2. Just saying yes!” Good advice.


Find out what Bill Gates is doing to accelerate the search for a vaccine for COVID19, says Mike Albert MD. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable source for information on the current status of the race to find treatments and a preventative vaccine that works, Mike Albert is the man to follow.

Co-host of the excellent Impossible Healthcare podcast, Dr. Mike teams with Dr. Berry to bring you insightful interviews with physicians and scientists at the cutting edge of medicine. Wondering what A.I. can bring to medicine? An interview with Dr. Eric Topol will blow your mind.


Are you struggling with anxiety due to the COVID19 pandemic? If so, you’re not alone in this, says Taylor Nicholas. MD, who himself has found inspiration in an excellent article in the Atlantic – Dear Therapist’s Guide to Staying Sane During a Pandemic. The message from Taylor is that while worry is inevitable, we can still allow our souls space to breathe.

A Humanist, Emergency Medicine physician, and Health policy enthusiast now working on the COVID frontline, Taylor says “Know that all of your actions in committing staying at home and #PhysicalDistancing are heroic, and do not go unnoticed by those of us putting ourselves in harm’s way as we are seeing the influx coming.”


Emergency medicine and disaster physician, Josh Mugele, shares his experiences of medical practice at a New York hospital during the COVID19 pandemic. What scares him? “I’m especially scared for the more vulnerable in our society — immigrants, low-wage workers, people of color — this is going to affect them much worse than others, as disasters always do.”

Your source for a candid account of the struggle to save lives during the crisis Josh Mugele is well worth following. We wonder whether he’ll be kind enough to Tweet the recipe for the delicious-looking Toasted almond-doodle cookies that he baked to boost morale during his night shift.


“The infodemic is potentially a bigger threat than the coronavirus pandemic,” says pediatrician Bryan Vartabedian at 33charts. He suggests tackling the febrile social media context surrounding COVID19 – by avoiding the echo-chamber effect, resisting the temptation to politicize, only to share what might add value, and to listen more than you speak.

Great thoughts from Bryan who works at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital. One of health care’s influential voices on technology & medicine, he’s the first to point out that: “Our expertise in the characteristics of this critter is only as deep as we read and listen. And that’s okay for now.”


If COVID19 is, as an article in the British Medical Journal suggests, far more widespread than initially believed, this is really good news says John Mandrola MD. That such a large proportion of the population could already have been infected, yet remain asymptomatic offers hope that the end of the current pandemic could be closer than hitherto imagined.

A Heart rhythm doctor, writer and podcaster for @Medscape, John Mandrola guides you through the mass of COVID-related content, signposting what’s worth reading – and what is not. An expert take on the pandemic and a source you can trust.


For a birds-eye view of the COVID19 pandemic from inside a New York hospital, Mike Natter MD is currently working in the frontline of the struggle against the virus. A brief visit to his Twitter feed serves as a timely reminder of the importance of supporting our medics by being meticulous about social distancing and hand washing.

As Mike says: “I am constantly inspired by the amazing people around me and feel proud to be fighting alongside them each day. Please please please do your part and stay home.” Great advice from a frontline physician.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of some of our favorite physicians who Tweet. Did we miss one of your must-follow medics? If so, do get in touch via Twitter – we love to hear from our customers and readers. 

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