How to wear tweed

Model 2 wearing a tweed jacket and vest

From casual to formal, there are many ways to wear tweed
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Tweed is one of the most versatile fabrics there is, and one that every gentleman should incorporate into his wardrobe. From some of the most formal events through to a casual evening stroll, tweed does it all. Here’s how to adapt tweed to look the part, no matter what the occasion.

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Spruce up your winter coat

Model 2 wearing Olive Adventurer Coat from Samuel Windsor

Check your coat’s care label before putting it in the washing machine
Image source: Olive Adventurer Coat from Samuel Windsor

Do you think the only way to freshen up your overcoat is to take it to the cleaners? You might be surprised to learn that many coats can be cleaned just as well at home. With a little care, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it yourself and save on expensive dry cleaning bills.

That doesn’t mean your overcoat can go in the washing machine, though. The story will be different for each individual coat, so study the care label thoroughly for instructions. Here are some top tips on how to clean your winter coat.

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Christmas gifts for men who have everything

christmas gift

Make sure your Christmas gifts don’t disappoint this year
Image source: Mattia Pelizzari/Shutterstock

Are you scratching your head over the last few presents to slide under the tree this Christmas? We all know a man who’s hard to buy for, whether it’s your dad, brother, uncle or super stylish son.

Here’s the ultimate gift guide to help you get to the end of your shopping list with time to spare. And if you think you might be that difficult-to-buy-for man yourself – use our list to drop some helpful hints for your family…

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How to wear moleskin

Long-sleeve moleskin shirt in wine from Samuel Windsor

Soft and lightweight – what’s not to love about this stylish fabric?
Image: Long-sleeve moleskin shirt in wine from Samuel Windsor

Moleskin is a soft-textured fabric that feels like the smooth fur of a garden mole – if you were to stroke one. A cotton fabric that’s smart and yet casual, warm and yet lightweight, moleskin is a tactile cloth that offers plenty of dapper menswear options for shirts, jackets and pants. Here’s how to wear it…
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How to stop sweaters from pilling

Model 2 wearing a Fisherman's Jumper from Samuel Windsor

Your sweater will look perfect for longer if you avoid ugly pilling
Image source: Fisherman’s sweaters from Samuel Windsor

It’s great when you discover your ideal sweater, in a color and style that looks terrific on you. But a common knitwear menace can quickly spoil your laid-back styling – pilling. 

We’re talking about those annoying miniature balls of fluff that pop up under the arms of men’s sweaters making them look scruffy and worn. Luckily, we have the solution. Here’s how to make your tired old sweaters look as good as new and prevent your new favorite woolens from pilling.

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How to layer for cold weather

Model 2 wearing a car coat in Olive

Layering is your best defence against unpredictable Fall weather
Image source: Olive Car Coat from Samuel Windsor

As an active man about town, you’ll know just how difficult it is to dress for a day spent switching from outdoor to indoor spaces without sweltering or shivering. Learning to layer is the answer you’re looking for. Putting versatility at the heart of your wardrobe, layering is the ultimate way to ensure that, whatever your plans, you’ll always be suitably attired. And it looks great too!

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How to wear linen

short sleeve linen shirt from Samuel Windsor

Cool, comfortable and stylish, linen is the perfect summer fabric
Image: Samuel Windsor

Soft, cool to the touch, and comfortable to wear, linen is nature’s climate control fabric. It’s also one of the most versatile menswear materials on the planet, taking the discerning gentleman all the way from the beach to the boardroom. Here’s the fascinating story of linen, and tips on how to wear it…
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How to choose the best men’s hat for summer

Panama hat from Samuel Windsor

Everyone can wear a hat – it’s just a matter of finding the right one
Image: Samuel Windsor

Do you look good in a hat? You’d be surprised just how few men think so. But that’s not because they don’t suit hats. Looking good in headgear is all about choosing the right hat – the hat which best complements the shape of your face.

Here are five of our most popular summer hats, with tips on how to wear them.
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How to choose a summer jacket

Yellow seersucker jacket from Samuel Windsor

The best warm weather jackets and blazers
Image: Yellow seersucker jacket from Samuel Windsor

The best dressed men are those who stand out by perfectly fitting in. They’re the guys who, no matter the occasion, are always dressed appropriately in clothes we call ‘contemporary classic’. Even when the weather is hot and sticky.

If you’re looking to achieve the same effortless sartorial elegance, here’s everything you need to know about choosing the right jacket or blazer this summer.
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