How to look your best in chinos

Model 2 and Model3 wearing chinos near a plane

Chinos are the perfect smart casual pant 
Image: Samuel Windsor

Chinos are your go-to pants for smart casual occasions, but with so many variations from which to choose, selecting the right combination of color, style, and fit is a challenge many guys get wrong.

To help you get it right, here’s our quick guide to looking your best in chinos. Everything you need to know to choose the perfect pair of these classic cotton pants.

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The history of men’s vests

Model 2 wearing Wool-mix vest in camel from Samuel Windsor

The humble vest has a long and interesting history
Image: Wool-mix vest in camel from Samuel Windsor

The men’s vest – that sleeveless garment you wear under a jacket – was born in Great Britain, brought forth by Royal decree, and immediately cemented as the staple of a man’s dress code.

Since then, this garment has occupied every niche in menswear. From the regal to the mundane, the vest has done it all. Here we take a look at the fascinating history of the vest – 400 years of men’s fashion in five minutes.

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Why it’s smart to wear pajamas

Man wearing loungewear in the Hollywood Golden Age

Loungewear was everywhere during Hollywood’s golden age.
Image Source: Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Dapper men opt for loungewear at home. Unconvinced? Just look to your favorite silver screen heroes – those guys knew how to be comfortable while maintaining the elegance and poise that epitomized Hollywood’s golden era – just check out James Stewart in 1954’s Rear Window – the man is seldom out of his pajamas.

But a decent set of PJs do more than make you look and feel good. When it comes to sleep quality, nightwear helps your body maintain the right temperature all night long. Here we take a look at what the best-dressed guys wear to relax, unwind, and sleep in.

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WIN a men’s Aran knit sweater

WIN Aran knit sweater

Keep warm this winter with an Aran knit sweater from Samuel Windsor

The competition to win an Aran knit sweater worth $60 has now closed. Congratulations to Jeff Grim from Maryland – we hope you love your new sweater from Samuel Windsor!

Don’t miss out – for a chance to win future prizes or see our Black Friday special offers, simply follow us on twitter @SamuelWindsorUS or on Facebook @SamuelWindsorUSA.

And in the meantime, to find out everything you need to know about traditional Aran knits, read our quick guide…
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Why men love jeans

Model 1 and Model 2 wearing blue denim jeans

American icon – blue jeans are one of our greatest cultural exports
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Just how did a simple pair of work pants evolve to dominate the world of men’s fashion? In so many ways, the story of the all American blue jean encapsulates the social history of the nation. 

In fact, from their invention in the late 19th century to their cowboy heritage, WW2 popularity and eventual export to the rest of the world, if any garment can be said to have passed the test of time, it’s the jeans in your closet. Here’s how denim jeans came to rule the world. 

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Three smart ways to knot your tie

shirt collar and smart tie knot

A classic knot adds the finishing touch to a smart outfit
Image source: Shutterstock

Are you looking for a new way to knot your tie? Here are three simple step-by-step video tutorials, complete with commentary and subtitles, to show you how to tie the Windsor, Half-Windsor, and Pratt knots.

Find out which collar style goes best with each knot, and the most suitable occasions at which to show off your favorite neckwear. Ready to have a go? Grab yourself a rich country tie or a luxury silk tie, and let’s get busy…
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WIN seersucker shorts for summer

red seersucker shorts from Samuel Windsor

Win a pair of seersucker shorts from Samuel Windsor

Want to update your summer wardrobe? For a chance to WIN a stylish pair of men’s seersucker shorts:

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5 top tips for remote working

Man sitting on sofa wearing pajama bottoms and a suit top with laptop

Wear professional clothes for a professional mindset
Image source: Lipik Stock Media

Many of us have swapped daily commutes for a short walk to the kitchen table, and what we learn from this enforced period of working from home is likely to change office culture forever. But remote working takes some getting used to. We asked some of our favorite bloggers for their advice. Here’s how to stay sane, keep focussed and remain productive in your new working environment. 

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