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Embrace fitness in the new year.
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Friend, how are those New Year’s resolutions going? Have you promised to get fitter, stronger and healthier in 2021? Taking control of your health and fitness is such a great goal to aspire to.

But it’s always easier to achieve alongside an expert who’s got your back.

Whether you’re a couch potato who needs to shed some pounds, or you’re an active guy who wants to take it to the next level, we’ve got ten of America’s greatest health and fitness bloggers to help you smash those goals.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

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Advocating training outdoors, Ben was one first people to complete the gruelling Spartan Delta
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Ben Greenfield is the coach of champions. He trains “the world’s hard-charging, high-achievers to live a truly limitless life with fully optimized minds, bodies and spirits”. His client list includes pro-athletes, motocross competitors and Navy SEALs, as well as everyday folk who just want to get strong and healthy.

Ben’s background is physiology and biomechanics – this guy’s a self-confessed book nerd getting through a book a day. When he’s not coaching or Ted-talking, he’s sharing his vast knowledge and passion for fitness through motivational blog posts and podcasts. A particular advocate of exercising outdoors, Ben explains the problem with gyms, describes how lifting heavy will keep you sexy forever and reveals two ways to burn fat without destroying your metabolism.

Born Fitness

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Born Fitness gives you all the answers with none of the hype
Image: Born Fitness

Born Fitness provides smart, timely, no-hype fitness and nutrition information. They aren’t afraid to tell it like it is,” says one fan of this comprehensive online health resource. Run by psychology researcher, fitness coach and NYT-bestselling author Adam Bornstein, Born Fitness is your go-to source of expert health advice.

Whether you want to build muscle on a vegetarian diet, learn why you’re not getting stronger, or rekindle lost motivation, the Born Fitness team will show you how. What’s more, Bornstein and his crew make sure that the information you need is always presented in a friendly, jargon-free way. So stop googling your health and fitness questions, this site has got all the answers you need.

Dai Manuel

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Let Dai Manuel inspire you into greater health this year
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Canadian lifestyle guru Dai Manuel hasn’t always had the physique of an adonis. Dai was an unhealthy, desperately unhappy and morbidly obese teenager, until he decided to change his life for the better: “I’ve never gone back to that place, but I don’t forget what it was like. It helps me relate to those people who face weight challenges.

Checkout Dai’s blog for great articles like: 13 effective workouts to crush your fitness resolutions and ways to build muscle at home without any weights. There’s also a free-to-join online fitness group to motivate and inspire you into greater health and fun live workouts to get your heart pumping.

The Fit Father Project

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Dr Balduzzi is on a mission to keep every father fit and healthy
Image: The Fit Father Project

Founded by Dr Anthony Balduzzi, The Fit Father Project is a source of inspiration for busy fathers over 40. “The Big Fat Problem is that 99.99% of health and fitness advice online is simply NOT sustainable for guys over 40 with busy schedules, families, responsibilities, and aging metabolisms,” he writes.

Balduzzi was inspired to promote family fitness after his own father passed at the too-early age of 42. He’s made it his mission to help all fathers live healthier, lose weight and rediscover their vitality. As well as free, achievable fitness programmes, you’ll find a ton of articles like how drinking water helps you lose weight, the five worst nutrition myths for men over 50 and the best anti-ageing diet.

Fit Men Cook

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Kevin Curry will show you how to build your body from the inside out
Image: Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry’s motto is: “Our bodies are built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym.” Disappointed and turned off by the bland, uninspiring foods the regular diet books were pushing, Kevin decided to create his own version of what healthy food looks and tastes like. The result is the Fit Men Cook phenomenon – comprising a website, cookbook and healthy eating app – all designed to help you eat yourself to health while enjoying the process.

Over on Kevin’s blog you’ll find a load of shortcuts to make healthy eating super-achievable. Check out his ultimate healthy grocery list, tips on cooking for a healthy date night and meal preparation hacks. But Kevin’s real treasures are his flavorful recipes – like his easy Pad Thai and this healthy version of nachos.

No Meat Athlete

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Matt’s body runs best with a plant-only diet in the tank
Image: No Meat Athlete

Matt Frazier is the No Meat Athlete. He started his blog back in 2009 when he went vegetarian. Six months later, he ran the Boston Marathon in 3:09:59 – over 100 minutes faster than his previous attempt. NMA has grown to be the site for vegetarian athletes. Whether you’ve given up meat entirely for 2019 or have just resolved to eat more veg, NMA will show you how to get more plants into your diet without it costing the earth.

If you’re just getting started, read the seven steps to eating less meat and find mealtime inspiration in the hundreds of delicious plant-based recipes on this site. Still not convinced? We dare you to read Matt’s 75 ways going vegetarian has made life better and not start wondering if this could be thing you’ve been looking for.

Robb Wolf

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Robb Wolf owes his physique to the Paleo diet and Jiu Jitsu
Image: MaraZe

If you’re looking to change your diet but could never give up meat, why not try paleo? Former research biochemist and California State powerlifting champion Robb Wolf is one of America’s leading experts on paleolithic nutrition: a diet based on the eating habits of our Paleolithic ancestors (i.e. plenty of protein but no dairy or grains).

As you’d expect, Robb and his team have a ton of information on starting a paleo regime and other nutritional nuggets, such as eating an anti-inflammatory diet. There are also sections on more general men’s health issues, like getting enough sleep and improving your fitness.

Scooby’s Workshop

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Stop by Scooby’s Workshop for some expert bodywork
Image: ESB Professional

This time of year, we’re all full of motivation to get fit, strong and ripped ASAP. But if your good intentions are going to last, you should take some advice from Scooby Werkstatt: “It’s really important to have realistic expectations and the proper mindset so that you look forward to every workout. What I suggest is that rather than focusing on the future, live in the here and now. Enjoy how it makes you feel NOW.”

With over 30 years of bodybuilding experience behind him, Scooby knows what he’s talking about and loves to share his knowledge: “Bodybuilding has changed my life and I want to pass this on to everyone who will listen.” If you’re interested in taking up weightlifting or just want some pointers on getting back into shape, try his beginner’s workout and free custom meal plan builder.

Sean Vigue Fitness

yoga teacher Sean Vigue smiling to the camera and sitting on a yoga mat.

Get fit and strong with Sean Vigue’s yoga tutorials

Sean Vigue is the “most watched online yoga and Pilates guy” and has no less than seven best-selling men’s fitness books to his name. Visit his site and you’ll find hundreds of video yoga and pilates classes to stretch, tone and restore your body.

Newcomers to the practise should check out his 7-day beginner’s yoga and restorative yoga challenges. And if you want something that’s going to get your heart pumping, Sean has plenty of power yoga workouts and a 7-day fat burning challenge that’s the perfect way to kickstart your year.

Well Built Style

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Discover how to dress your new physique with Well Built Style
Image: Dean Drobot

If you’re looking to change your physique and learn how to dress your new, toned body, Well Built Style is for you. It’s run by lifelong fitness enthusiast and style aficionado Manny De La Cruz, who believes that health and style should always go hand in hand.

In the fitness section, you’ll find articles to help you develop mental toughness and work out why you’re not making gains in the gym. Manny also shares a yoga pose that will increase your testosterone by one third. His style tips for muscular men section reveals all the fashion dos and don’ts for the well-built man, including tips on finding the right trousers for muscular thighs.

Have we missed any of your favorite health bloggers? Let us know who inspires your fitness regime in the comments below.

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