Mature men to follow in 2021

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With years of experience under their belts, follow these titans of business, lifestyle & fitness
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New year, new you? If 2021 seems an inauspicious time to make a new start at, well, anything – we understand. But while now might not be the right time to make big changes, it is a good time to begin thinking about what you’re going to want from life once this is all over. 

With that in mind, we’ve researched some of the most inspirational voices out there – mature men on the web, from all kinds of backgrounds. From fitness experts to master craftsmen, these are guys with skills, experience, and plenty of inspiration and knowledge to share.

Essential Craftsman

Scott from Essential Craftsman fixing a roof

Scott has been honing his craftsman skills for over four decades.
Image: Essential Craftsman

Scott Wadworth’s journey into craftsmanship began way back in 1974 and, nearly fifty years later, he’s still going strong. Scott is a man of wide experience. He’s worked in “logging, saw milling, guiding elk hunters, production framing, commercial concrete, steel fabrication, blacksmithing and every aspect of residential carpentry and contracting.

A guy with great presentation skills, Scott is happy to share what he’s learned with you. Check out his website, Instagram, blog, and YouTube channel – heck – he has a podcast too. If you’re contemplating a career change, interested in blacksmithing, or would simply like to learn to tackle jobs in the home, Essential Craftsman is here to help. From how to sharpen an axe, to how to fasten to concrete, patch a siding, and forge things from metal, Scott and the team have it covered.


MenAlive Jed Diamond standing in front of bookshelf

Follow Jed’s advice on health & mental health matters
Image: MenAlive

Jed Diamond has a PhD in International Health, a masters in social work, and is the author of 16 books on men’s health and wellbeing. His latest – 12 Rules for Good Men is a must-read, covering loneliness, love, anger, and more.

MenAlive is a space for men and their partners to find good quality information about men’s health and mental health matters. Facts you can rely on are the bedrock of everything Jed says – you want to know how serious a problem male suicide is here in the US? Jed knows. Want to figure out if you might have anger issues – he’s your man. Jed Diamond founded MenAlive way back in 1968 and, with over five decades of experience behind him, you know he’s a source you can trust. Why not sign up for his weekly newsletter? Every guy needs a wise man to turn to – Jed is that man.

Ugly Desserts

Psychedelic blondies from Ugly Desserts

Cameron’s psychedelic blondies look out of this world!
Image: Ugly Desserts

Cameron makes ugly desserts, but who cares when they’re this delicious? If you’re a guy who loves to cook sweet things, but whose tasty treats look like they’ve been run over by a truck, this is the site for you. Having said that, Cameron’s desserts look pretty good these days. It seems that practise does make perfect after all!

Ugly Desserts offers fabulous cake and pudding recipes complete with all the ingredients and know-how to make them at home. A great way to spend time, especially with the current pandemic keeping many of us indoors, Ugly Desserts isn’t like any of the multitude of flashy cookery sites and channels out there. Instead, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions for making some truly excellent desserts. Wondering how to get started? Head straight for Cameron’s salted caramel chocolate cupcakes. All we can say is, ‘wow’.

Over Fifty and Fit

Dane from Over 50 and Fit standing on a rooftop

Dane teaches people how to live the ‘longevity lifestyle’
Image: Dane Findley

So much of being an inspirational individual and influencer has to do with practising what you preach. Dane Findley of Over Fifty and Fit is just such a man. He doesn’t just advise on fitness and health for over fifties, he’s probably one of the fittest, most shredded dudes in his – or any – age category – just check out his Instagram for all the proof you need.

A Health Advocate with a masters degree in Wellness Psychology and decades of experience as a professional fitness trainer,” do take a look at Dane’s helpful health, nutrition, and workout tips – like 12 Ways to Add More Zestful Years to Your Timeline, or 6 Important Steps toward Helping Your Body Feel Fantastic Each Morning. Dip in and out of his great posts to feel positively energized. It’s never too late to make health a priority.

Mark McClain

A compass pointing north towards sign 'leadership'

Mark’s site is a must-read for entrepreneurs
Image: Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock

Do you like to do work yourself or do you like to get work done through others,” Mark asks? That, he says, “is the fundamental line determining who does and doesn’t have management potential.” He believes that “creating opportunities for great technical (i.e. skilled) people who do not want to be or should not be managers, to stay with you, make lots of money, and be recognized as key contributors to the organization’s success” is key to your firm’s future.

After decades working in sales for IBM and HP, Mark co-founded Waveset, eventually selling to Sun Microsystems in 2003. From there, he and his team formed SailPoint, the market’s dominant player in identity governance services. Now, Mark shares all he has learned throughout his long and distinguished career through his blog, Mark McCain.

A fantastic and inspirational leadership resource, if you’re interested in furthering your career or want to make sure your own business is a success, this is the place to be. Inspired? Buy Mark’s book or take his assessment to see if your company culture is as good as it could be.

James Hazelwood

Man holding up book titled Everyday Spirtuality

James Hazelwood encourages you to live every day with intention and meaning
Image: James Hazelwood

James Hazelwood, Bishop, author, speaker, and spiritual guide offers a wealth of resources to help and guide you through life’s ups and downs. It’s time, he says, to see spirituality in a new way. Rather than struggling to find time for faith amid our busy lives, he advocates making our lives themselves full of spirituality and meaning – our work, crafts and relationships – everything we do.

We all need to find spiritual practices that will give us resilience in these most challenging times. It can also be the calm we need to help us return to the action that’s needed for the healing of our broken world,” James says. Author of Everyday Spirituality, at this time of great individual and collective trauma, James offers daily prayers at noon as a spiritual practice to keep you connected. Through his podcast you’ll have access to inspirational spiritual teaching and insights, and his regular blog posts give lots of ideas for ways to incorporate spirituality into your life.

Eric Maisel

Writer Eric Maisel sitting in front of computer

Follow Eric’s advice on growing your self-confidence
Image: Eric Maisel

A prolific writer with a doctorate in counselling psychology, 30 years of experience coaching creatives, and numerous media and public speaking credits, Dr Eric Maisel is a creativity coach with such a long and illustrious biography that you’d be crazy not to check out his website, books, and blog posts.

Eric is dead set on helping you to reach your full creative and life potential, and his advice is applicable to people in all sorts of careers. Take his series of posts about the issue of confidence – it’s not just artists whose careers are stymied by the lack of it but, with Eric’s help, this is something you can work on. He says “What I would like you to be confident about and have no doubts about is that you are a legitimate human being with the right to be and the power to create.” If you’d like to start something new this year, but lack the confidence to take the leap, Eric is your man!

Peter Diamandis

Human and robot hand meeting over strand of DNA

Discover how Peter Diamandis merged the worlds of science-fiction and business
Image: Poptika/Shutterstock

“Recently named by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” Peter H. Diamandis is the founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions.” Yet another inspirational, motivational man with vision, Peter Diamandis really is very much worth following, not least for his insights on the “pace and implications of exponential technology.”

A best selling author, an incredible public speaker, and a highly successful entrepreneur, do check out Peter’s website and blog. “What’s faster than autonomous vehicles and flying cars,” Peter asks? Answer: “Try Hyperloop, rocket travel, and robotic avatars.” If that sounds like science fiction, Peter will put you straight, explaining where the science is at, and how far into development these moonshot technologies really are.

Tom Greene

Tom Greene holding up bike in Hawaii

Tom enjoys spending time in the Great Outdoors
Image: Tom Greene

There’s one question at the core of my writing,” says Tom Greene. “How can I write stories that provide hope and inspiration to other people?” A man who stays true to his mission, Tom offers inspirational writing that focuses on kindness, friendship, growth, and wellbeing.

If you, like many others, are suffering at this time, either through illness, bereavement, confinement, or job loss, you’ll love Tom’s post, The Bizarre Truth About Suffering. In it, he presents two books from men who suffered greatly but prevailed and went on to make their experience the defining moment of their lives. One is Admiral James Stockdale who survived seven years in captivity in Vietnam, the other, Viktor E. Frankl was a Viennese doctor and psychiatrist who survived three years in four different Nazi concentration camps during World War II. These men ultimately found their true strength in faith and love. Insightful, wise, and generous, Tom Greene is a truly inspirational writer.

Rich Roll

Closeup of cyclists legs

In just two years, triathlon athlete Rich transformed his mental & physical health
Image: Wirestock Creations/Shutterstock

Rich was a top finisher at the 2008 and 2009 Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii. “One of world’s most daunting and grueling endurance races, Ultraman is a 3-day / 320 mile double-ironman distance triathlon that circumnavigates the entire Big Island.” What’s even more incredible is that two years before his first Ultraman race, Rich had never picked up a bike.

In fact, Rich had struggled with drug and alcohol problems and, as he turned forty, found himself 50 pounds overweight and barely capable of climbing a set of stairs. Now in his fifties, the force behind Rich Roll is 100% vegan, supremely fit, and in good mental shape. Rich Roll’s transformation story is one of the best you’ll find anywhere, but what makes this guy worth following is the generosity with which he shares the secrets of his astounding recovery. Check out his meal planner app, and do listen to his podcast – conversations with legendary surfer, Laird Hamilton, director Bryan Fogel, and a host of luminaries with insights and inspiration to share.

John Weiss

John Weiss standing in front of landscape

John Weiss expresses himself through painting and cartoons
Image: John Weiss

A lot of people talk themselves out of the risks and efforts that could bring them success. Their fear of failure, ridicule, or rejection, prevents them from even trying.” These are the thoughtful words of cartoonist, writer, and former Police Chief, John Weiss. Words worth paying attention to, they come from a man who’s own life journey has been an exceptional one.

A 26-year career as a police officer, during which he was awarded the ‘Medal of Merit’ for his work with children and related programs, didn’t stop John also following his twin passions for writing and art. And now, having taken early retirement, John continues to develop his creative life, painting beautiful landscapes, drawing incredible cartoons which feature in a wide range of online publications, and writing elegantly and thoughtfully for an audience who share his belief that we should live creatively. Over 43,000 people follow John – be sure to check out his work.

Dan Siegel

Scientist with a brain illustration in foreground of image

Dr Seigel is pioneering the study of Interpersonal Neurobiology
Image: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for good information to help you make it through the mental stresses and strains of the pandemic, we suggest you turn to Dan Siegel. Clinical Professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, he’s a New York Times best-selling author of 13 books – books which have helped many millions of people to learn how their brain works and how to harness its potential to live a good life.

Dan’s focus is on the field he created – Interpersonal Neurobiology – it’s the study of how our brains work in relationship to one another, and how we can work with our physiology to conduct ourselves with greater consciousness and compassion. If that sounds like a goal you’d like to pursue too, you must take a look at the series of short videos on Dan’s blog in which he enlarges on some of the themes from his latest book – MIND: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our run down of some of the most inspirational men over fifty whose work, and writing inspires and supports you in your own drive to live your best life. Have we missed one of your favorite mentors? Do let us know. Just head over to our Facebook page and leave us a message – we love to hear from you.

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