WIN a men’s Aran knit sweater

WIN Aran knit sweater

Keep warm this winter with an Aran knit sweater from Samuel Windsor

The competition to win an Aran knit sweater worth $60 has now closed. Congratulations to Jeff Grim from Maryland – we hope you love your new sweater from Samuel Windsor!

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And in the meantime, to find out everything you need to know about traditional Aran knits, read our quick guide…

Why we love Aran sweaters

Traditional Aran knit sweaters originate from the Aran Islands, three rugged and rocky isles situated off the west coast of Ireland by the entrance to Galway Bay.

Originally worn to keep fishermen warm at sea, the sweaters were painstakingly hand knitted from unwashed sheep’s wool – the lanolin in the fleece providing a natural water-resistant barrier against fierce Atlantic weather. And while the menfolk were away, wives and daughters gathered to tell stories, share knowledge and knit – passing intricate patterns down through the generations to preserve the rich heritage of their island community. A labor of love, each sweater could take several weeks to complete.

Today, our quintessentially Irish Aran knits are a little more sophisticated than the original sweaters – and definitely washed! But they still feature traditional designs and are made from 100% pure wool. Unlike the original un-dyed sweaters, our Arans are also available in a choice of colors. Wear yours with soft cords, a wax jacket and a flat cap for a country vibe, or with indigo jeans for a modern take.

For a rugged outdoor sweater that’s perfect for yard work and post turkey walks, you can’t beat a chunky Aran knit. It’s a warm Celtic cuddle every time you shrug it on!

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