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Parenting isn’t always easy, but on a good day it’s a blast!
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Fatherhood is an emotional rollercoaster and we all need a little support and understanding every once in a while.

Whether you’re about to become a dad for the first time, or you’re an old hand faced with a new parenting problem, dad blogs are a great source of timeless wisdom and daddy humor.

Here are eleven of the best American dad bloggers to inspire and entertain.

Dad or Alive

Dad blogger from Dad or Alive Adrian Kulp holding newborn baby

The moment Adrian Kulp became a dad
Image: Dad or Alive

Parenthood hit Adrian Kulp with a killer curveball when he became “an unexpected stay-at-home dad”. Life in charge of four young children is a million miles from his previous life as a high-powered TV exec, scouting light-night comedy clubs for talent. Today, his office is a home filled with diapers, head lice, constipation and the chaos authored by four adorable kids.

Adrian’s blog – Dad or Alive is a hilariously honest look at life in the trenches of full-on fatherhood. Check out his Dad’s in deep sh!t section for outrageous parenting fails. And there’s a ton of expert parenting advice – from managing kids and devices to 7 things every dad-to-be should know before labor. For further parenting advice, check out his latest book.


InstaFather blogger Andy Shaw holding twins and with his older son

Andy Shaw proves fatherhood requires a great sense of humor
Image: InstaFather

The first lesson in parenting is “You don’t get to pick how parenting works,” writes Andy Shaw, AKA the InstaFather. Dad-of-three Andy is a social-media manager by day and part-time comedian by night (parenting gives him the best material!)

He started InstaFather to share a little of the confidence he’s gained as a father. On Andy’s blog you’ll find his ultimate collection of resources for new dads and the frankly indispensable new dad’s survival guide to keeping your wife happy. There’s also a great discussion about why bedtime should be dad time. If you’re just heading into fatherhood or need a little encouragement and support, Andy’s your guy.

Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried Mike Julianelle blogger with two children on a pumpkin patch

Parenting has trashed Mike’s social life, but he’s ok with that
Image: Dad and Buried

Forty-something, Brooklyn dad Mike Julianelle is the writer behind Dad and Buried – an “anti-parenting parenting blog”. What does that even mean? Well, there’s one thing Mike hates even more than trying to parent with a hangover and that’s judgy other parents. He’s the first to admit he doesn’t have all the parenting answers – no one does – and he’ll never pretend otherwise.

As you’d imagine from a straight-talking Brooklynite, there’s plenty of dry humor and from-the-heart emotion. Check out his essay on whether parenting is worth it and the brilliant top 10 reasons why he hates his son: “He has 100% ruined my life, yes, but that was my old life and this is my new one (a fact that is both pathetic and, frankly, kind of necessary).”

2 Dads with Baggage

The Bailey-Klugh family at Pebble Beach, California

The Bailey-Klugh family at Pebble Beach, California
Image: 2 Dads with Baggage

When Sophia Bailey-Klugh needed advice on dealing with the homophobia she encountered at school from having two gay dads, she decided to write to President Obama. Her letter, and the president’s reply launched the family into the public eye and was the start of the family’s blog: 2 Dads with Baggage.

Jon Bailey and Triton Klugh are two dads, raising two teen daughters. This family are travel junkies and love to share their adventures, like releasing baby turtles in Puerto Vallarta. Jon and Triton write about issues affecting teenagers and young people, like planning college tours for your high school kid, getting your kid ready for their learner driver’s permit or keeping them safe online.

Plaid Dad Blog

Family group shot from Plaid Dad Blog

Plaid Dad Christian and his family
Image: Plaid Dad Blog

Comedian Christian Lee is the creator of Plaid Dad Blog – a site focused on colorful dads with colorful stories. Christian became a dad when he and his wife decided to adopt two children. A year later, they were surprised by the birth of a son and then, in 2015, “their fourth (and prayerfully last) child defeated birth control with her sheer will to exist.

Gentle humor and honest talk are what you’ll find from this Plaid Dad. Some of the standouts include: what dads can do to encourage their kids’ dreams, every question you wanted to ask about adoption and why it’s impossible to put race into a box.

Mr. Dad

Stock image of a man holding a crying baby against a green background

Have a parenting problem? Ask Mr Dad
Image: Antonio Guillem

When Armin Brott wrote his first book, The Expectant Father, in the mid-1990s, he was a pioneer of parenting advice for dads. Eight bestselling books on fatherhood later, he’s been dubbed “the superdad’s superdad” by Time Magazine.

Mr. Dad is Armin’s blog. Here you’ll find his straight-talking, considered advice on all stages of fatherhood, from 48 ways to show your pregnant partner you care to what adolescents need from fathers. There are also posts for single fathers and military dads. And if you’ve got a question that’s not covered on the blog, you can Ask Mr. Dad yourself and Armin will help you out.

Go Fatherhood

Dad blogger (Go Fatherhood) Dave Taylor with his three children

Dave Taylor and his three kids
Image: Go Fatherhood

Dave Taylor is a divorced, single dad of three kids ranging in ages from 15 to 21. His blog, Go Fatherhood, houses advice on single parenthood, surviving divorce and parenting his three older kids. With over a decade’s experience of shared custody, Dave has plenty of advice to share:

It’s kind of like being a soldier: it’s really time in the trenches that gives you the experience to know how to handle good times and bad.” Our favorite article is the three pieces of advice he gives to new single parents. Dads with older kids will find his posts on parenting teens useful, like the interview with his teenage daughter on vaping in high school and how to craft the perfect teen smartphone agreement.


Dad playing dress up with his daughter - wearing a tiara and makeup

One on one time is important – but remember to sometimes ‘break the script’
Image: altafulla

The dadcraft blog grew out of living-room conversations between four dads – Dan, Dan’s sons Andrew and Erik, and son-in-law Chris. These four men felt so supported by regularly sharing their triumphs and fails in fatherhood, they realised they should start a blog to help other dads feel less isolated. “Kids are the great equalizer. They turn every dad, regardless of the station, race, or pay grade, into a man without a map.” If you’re feeling lost out there, dadcraft can help with directions.

The dadcraft dads share some great advice, like how to make the most of one-on-one time with kids and why you should be picking your battles. Also compelling are the interviews with other dads on their experience of diverse aspects of fatherhood, like bridging two cultures and adoption.

Fathers, Work and Family

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Scott Behson’s blog helps dads find a better work-life balance
Image: Fathers, Work and Family

If you feel like you’re playing an impossible tug of war between work and family, Scott Behson can help. He fights for the perfect work-life balance for fathers, advocating for the rights of working families. His blog Fathers, Work and Family helps dads understand they’re not alone in the struggle while providing strategies to help.

Scott explains how to signal the importance of work/life balance in your office, because “in many workplaces, it’s not safe for men to ‘out themselves’ as highly involved dads.” We like Scott’s practical articles like his series on negotiating for flexible work conditions and his more lighthearted posts like the one on why you need more beer fires in your life.

That Dad Blog

Professional shot of family running through the America's Monument valley with a flying baby

Alan’s wife and four of his kids – including flying Wil!
Image: That Dad Blog

Alan Lawrence is the man behind That Dad Blog. He’s father to six children, including one who is “blessed with Downs Syndrome and the ability of flight.” Alan’s blog is an honest, touching look at life with a Downs child: “Wil has changed our lives for the better. He is not a burden to our family, he is not a trial for our family, he is just amazing.” And if you want to find out how and why little Wil flies, you need to read this post right here.

There’s beautiful creative photography from Alan and joyful vlogs on the family’s life together. Top posts include what not to do when your daughter goes to her first prom and why there’s no such thing as the perfect dad.

The Rookie Dad

shot of Brandon Billinger with his children

Rookie Dad Brandon Billinger
Image: The Rookie Dad

Brandon Billinger still thinks of himself as The Rookie Dad – even though he’s been parenting since 2010. “I believe that there’s no [such] thing as a parenting pro and that with each passing day there are new challenges to be had, new lessons to be learned, and a new pot of coffee to drink.

And he’s learned plenty of lessons, like how important it is to hit pause once in a while and recenter yourself as a parent, why it pays to be quick to say sorry to your kids when you lose your temper and why he couldn’t hack it as a stay-at-home dad.

That’s our shortlist – and we hope there’s something in there for every father. If you have a favorite dad blog we haven’t mentioned, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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