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What does it mean to be a gentleman? Whatever your own definition might be, take inspiration from some of America’s best men’s lifestyle bloggers who share their wisdom on personal appearance, confidence, relationships, success, travel, and adventure.

Here are 10 of our favorite blogs for the modern man – a compilation of social savviness, unimpeachable behaviour, and effortless style. What’s not to admire?

Bespoke Unit

Not everyone fits into a “one size fits all box”, and you shouldn’t have to either. Paul Anthony made it his mission to create an exhaustive “guide to the dapper life”, from whisky to watch repairs, when he founded Bespoke Unit. Not sure what to wear for your body shape? Bespoke Unit’s handy visual guide has you covered.

From the best rooftop bars in New York to a brutally honest review of The Moulin Rouge in Paris, you’ll never be short of insider tips when traveling the globe. And with an extensive section on male grooming, you’ll definitely look the gentleman on your travels. Don’t pick up a razor without reading this comprehensive guide to beards first – everything you could ever need to know about growing, trimming and caring for your whiskers.

Life by Dylan

Want to improve your life? Blogger Dylan explains how changing just two small habits will help you achieve your goal. “Don’t set goals that require changing huge pieces of your life at once,” he warns. Instead, focus on the small achievable things that add up over time.

Entrepreneur Dylan encourages you to take the plunge with big decisions, too. Hesitating to leave a job you loathe? The quality of Dylan’s life changed dramatically when he started his own business. His advice? “Figure out what’s important to you and stop at nothing to make it happen!” If you’re reassessing what’s important in your life, Life by Dylan is the blog that will inspire you to make a change.

The Manual

“Everything you need to be a man in the 21st century” is the reason guys of all ages have bookmarked The Manual. The blog team offers all manner of practical advice. For instance, who knew beer could help you see in the dark? They’ve even got a recipe for homebrewed carrot ale. Awesome, right?

Once you’ve organized your drinks cabinet, prepare for a drop in temperature with these cold weather hacks for winterizing your vehicle. Going on a camping trip? According to the team at The Manual, “sleeping on the ground is so last year.” They predict that a three person hammock tent “will be your – I mean, your kids’ new favorite hangout!”

George Hahn

Fed up with magazines that assume you’ve got bottomless pockets? So is George Hahn, champion of “discerning guys who aren’t necessarily filthy rich”. His blog offers elegant life advice for “thousandaires.” Check out how this mid-century-modern-loving blogger furnished his apartment on a budget.

George believes that simple quality is more important than flashy quantity. He reminds us to shake off the culture of uber disposability and take care of stuff:

“When something stops working, when we’ve neglected it or our eye is caught by a sexier upgrade, we so often throw it out and add to a growing pile of waste. It’s lazy and unproductive. We can do better.”

You’re rocking that vintage peacoat George!

The Sharp Gentleman

Being a true gentleman isn’t just about appearance, or at least that’s what life coach and hypnotherapist Blake Hammerton of The Sharp Gentleman believes. So, how do you become an honorable man of your word? “Don’t agree to things you simply don’t want to do – man up and say no,” is just one of Blake’s seven tips.

Once you’ve perfected your gentleman’s code of conduct, it’s time to dress like one. Blake’s identified 5 small must-have essentials that are “brilliant, versatile, game-changing accessories to keep you sharp and prepared for anything.” But the most important accessory a true gentleman can possess? Confidence in who you are, says Blake. We couldn’t agree more.

Aspiring Gentleman

“If you’re a total catch, the whole package, and still single,” Justin Grau of Aspiring Gentleman explains why hiring a professional matchmaker is so much better than online dating. Suggesting ways to use your precious time more wisely is just one of the reasons his blog is so popular.

Think of the Aspiring Gentleman as “the older brother you never had.” Justin offers wide-ranging life advice including getting started on a new fitness regime, guidance on how to manage your finances in early retirement, and encouragement to take the plunge and finally accept that job offer in the Middle East, armed with advice on how to make the move a success.

The Distilled Man

Kyle Ingham, the voice behind The Distilled Man, wants to give all guys “a second chance to discover [the] lost gentlemanly arts”. And what’s more manly than taking charge of the outdoor grill? His gentleman’s instruction manual to life includes everything from how to become the king of the barbeque to how to mind your manners at formal dining events (check out Kyle’s table manners 101). Take Kyle’s advice, and you’ll soon master that mystifying salad fork!

And for career-focused men, Kyle’s tips on how to nail your “elevator pitch” for networking events is so simple it’s ingenious. If you’re going to make a lasting impression in just 20 seconds, remember, “whatever you say, it should be short, concise, and to the point.”

The Art of Manliness

“In the Americas, injuries by moose outnumber every other wild animal,” which is why outdoorsy gentlemen should always be prepared. Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness has you covered with his tips on how to survive a moose encounter – you never know what might come in handy one day.

If you’re not likely to run into a wild animal on your morning commute, surviving everyday perils like a fall onto the subway track may be of more use. In need of better wheels? Read these top negotiating tips before you head to the showroom to buy a new car. If knowledge is power, this is the blog that you need to keep up your sleeve.

The Adult Man

Did you know that growing Bonsai trees can cure a sore throat? Whether it’s Bonsai cultivation, strumming a guitar or going back to school, Dean Stephens of The Adult Man believes we’d all benefit from “spending our free time on things we’re passionate about.” Stuck for ideas? Here are 101 hobbies for men to inspire you.

If your schedule is crammed, Dean has top tips for how to work smarter, not harder. Find out which 29 skills you should have nailed by the age of 30. “When it comes to certain things, there’s an expectation that a man knows how to get it done,” says Dean. How many can you tick off the list?

The Essential Man

“People have confidence backward”, says Peter Nguyen of The Essential Man. “You don’t need to start with confidence to take an action, you build confidence by taking small actions.” Want to know more? Check out Peter’s tips for becoming a more confident man.

Personal stylist to the stars, Peter knows his stuff when it comes to dressing well and making a good impression. His beginner’s guide for men who want to dress better is a great place to start. Travel often? Check out these packing secrets from Peter’s celebrity jetsetting clients. And what are the three timeless and essential items of clothing that a personal stylist thinks you can’t live without? We couldn’t agree more – a lace-up boot with a Goodyear Welted sole is always an excellent investment!

We hope you’ve found something to interest and inspire you amongst the best of American lifestyle blogs. What makes a true gentleman in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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