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The best of the US lifestyle bloggers at your fingertips
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What does it mean to be a gentleman? Whatever your own definition might be, take inspiration from some of America’s best men’s lifestyle bloggers who share their wisdom on personal appearance, confidence, relationships, success, travel, and adventure.

Here’s a great selection of some of our favorite blogs for the modern man – a compilation of social savviness, unimpeachable behaviour, and effortless style. What’s not to admire?

Bespoke Unit

Charles-Philippe and Paul Anthony of Bespoke Unit

Charles-Philippe and Paul Anthony of Bespoke Unit
Image: Bespoke Unit

Are you nervous about wearing bright colors? If like many men, you’re unsure how to create a wardrobe that suits your skin tone and aesthetic, you’ll love Bespoke Units guide to color theory, the color wheel, and how to match your garments so you always look your best. Unsure whether warm or cool tones are for you? “If you’re cool-toned (and most men are), you probably have pink-ish cheeks and bluish veins.

Bespoke Unit is more than a blog – it’s a compendium of essential information about the “hows and whys” of men’s wear, style, lifestyle and more. Here you’ll find some really excellent guides to everything from men’s suits to the ultimate accessory – men’s watches.

The Art of Manliness

Young man procrastinating instead of working

Follow these procrastination busting tips from the team at The Art of Manliness
Image: New Africa/Shutterstock

Procrastination is a vacuum nozzle that sits above your head, poised to “suck up good things from every area of your life,” say the guys at The Art of Manliness. If you struggle to keep yourself from getting distracted, the answer is surprisingly simple: “The key to overcoming procrastination is…to increase your motivation for tackling a task, so you feel more inclined to do it now, and less inclined to put it off.

Easier said than done, perhaps, but never fear, The Art of Manliness has the info you need to turn procrastination into proactivity. This site offers a cornucopia of resources for manly self-development. From developing the ‘savoir faire’ of James Bond, to how to deal with anxiety by learning from the Greek stoics. Wonderful stuff.

George Hahn

George Hahn wearing a suit holding a teacup

George the “thousandaire” looking a million bucks
Image: George Hahn

Looking for cheap and chic reading glasses? Initially perturbed by the onset of “ocular fallibility and cursed middle age,” redemption for blogger George Hahn came in the form of a friend who, at dinner one night, “pulled out a rather handsome pair of glasses when we got the menus. They looked expensive.” They weren’t. George tells you where you too can find great reading glasses for less.

A “thousandaire playboy who wears tailored clothes and drinks coffee,” George Hahn of NYC applies dry wit and considerable knowhow to the business of living well and looking good for the average guy. We love this blog and we’re sure you will too. Find out how wearing a suit to work each day (even if you don’t have to) makes you feel better and spreads a little joy.

The Manual

Top tips to help you look after your number one asset – your face
Image: pikselstock/Shutterstock

The first thing people look at is your face, and then your shoes,” says Christian Gollayan, style and grooming editor at The Manual. “So why not invest your time and money to make a great first impression?” A good point – do check out his excellent short video which gives you an easy-to-follow four-step skincare routine that should help you look your best.

The Manual is about helping men “to live a life that is more engaged. Whether it be fashion, food, drink, travel, grooming, or the outdoors, we bring authenticity and understanding to it all.” Looking for an awesome wrist watch for under $1000, you’ll find some great ideas right here.

Aspiring Gentleman

Stock image of a man drilling a board

From home renovation guide to fashion advice, Aspiring Gentleman is the site to visit
Image: Zivica Kerkez/Shutterstock

If you’re looking to meet someone special, you should definitely take a look at Aspiring Gentleman’s piece on How to Appear More Attractive In Dating Profiles without being dishonest. As they say: “If you’re in your 50s, no one cares what you looked like in high school.” Choose only recent photos, but do get the lighting right – you want a flattering photo, but not one that makes you look too good to be true.

Hailing from Miami Beach, the Aspiring Gentleman aims to be “the older brother you never had – leading you to the lifestyle you never knew how to attain.” Considering a little home renovation to keep you busy during the winter months? You’ll need this helpful step-by-step guide.

The Adult Man

The Adult Man’s Editor, William Barton, in a forest

The Adult Man’s Editor, William Barton, looks dapper in his Fall fashion picks
Image: The Adult Man on Instagram

Want to be a better man? The guys at The Adult Man say: “You get 24 hours every day to become the best man you’re capable of being. How are you using your time?” A good question – this is step 5 of their 31 step guide to being a better man. Are you ready to take up the challenge of true manhood? If so, this site and YouTube channel is for you.

When The Adult Man’s contributor lost his marriage and hit rock bottom, he realised he needed to change to succeed. Here he shares what he has learned on his own path to a more positive, progressive, and rewarding life. Seeking to level up your style? Try the gray suit, brown shoes combo – The Adult Man shows you how to rock the look.

The Essential Man

Man sorting through wardrobe

Learn how to dress for your body shape & personal style
Image: InnerVisionPro/Shutterstock

Can better style transform your life? Peter Nguyen of The Essential Man says you can. He’s not a style enthusiast or an influencer – he’s a professional men’s stylist with a long client list and 15 years in the business. His services are for “guys who just want to look good, without spending hours shopping,

[And] guys who are sick of wasting money on the wrong clothes.

It all begins with an in-depth body type and lifestyle analysis. It’s your chance to discover “how clothes should actually fit your body type, along with the exact styles, colors, and fabrics that work best for you.” Looking for evidence that this approach works? Check out Peter’s testimonials – Bill, a CEO from Nova Scotia says “If you’re ready to [look better], this is probably THE way to do it.”

Bright Bazaar

Man drawing a bathroom design

Will’s blog is full of interior design tips & tricks
Image: CapturePB/Shutterstock

Considering creating an en suite bathroom? If so you’ll love Will of Bright Bazaar’s transformation of a small spare room into a stunning light and color-filled bathroom. His design flair is incredible and is sure to give you the ideas you need to begin to sketch out your own project.

Will Tayor began Bright Bazaar over 10 years ago. What was simply a creative outlet has since grown to become one of the best design, travel, and style sites out there. Will regularly features on Good Morning America, and his best-selling interior design book has been translated into multiple languages. Wondering what the best IKEA style ideas are right now? Do check out Will’s awesome post for some great thoughts about WFH upgrades.

The Gentleman Racer

Abandoned green car in a garage

Best barn find ever?
Image: The Gentleman Racer

Could this be one of the best barn finds ever? If you’ve ever dreamed of discovering a true classic of American motoring languishing at the back of a lockup, this incredible Shelby GT350 will blow you away. Finished in metallic green and in superb original condition with only the lightest of damage, the guy who owned it pranged it at the car wash, parked it up and left it for 35 years.

For the best in motoring and style stories for the discerning gent, The Gentleman Racer is the creation of Michael Satterfield who started the blog over a decade ago. It’s where he shares “photos and stories from his automotive and motorcycle adventures, [and has] grown into an online magazine covering cars, art, fashion, culture, and more.” You’ll love Michael’s review of the 1952 Ferrari 225 Sport Spider by Vignale.

Die, Workwear!

Man wearing a baseball cap

Discover the history behind ‘the common man’s crown’
Image: Tim Gray/Shutterstock

Fashion can be a temporary escape from our daily lives, as well as a way to uplift our spirits,” says Derek Guy of Die, Workwear. In fact, this excellent blog is another way to achieve the same goal. Do check out Derek’s post, Why Fashion Still Means Something. Offering historical insight, great pics of wartime and postwar French haute couture, and more, it’ll have you reaching for your glad rags in no time.

A “semi-daily blog about classic men’s tailoring and semi-casual attire,” Die, Workwear is a great coffee time read, offering thoughtful insights into men’s fashion and lifestyle. How much do you know about the humble baseball cap? You’ll love Derek’s exploration of this staple of American menswear – the “common man’s crown.

I Am Alpha M

Man with perfectly styled hair

Keep your ‘do perfectly coiffed with these top hairstyling tips
Image: Jinga/Shutterstock

What do barbers and hairstylists say are the seven most common mistakes guys make with their hair? Number one recommendation – stop leaving it so long between cuts. Aaron Marino of I Am Alpha M says your hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month, which means that to maintain a slick hairstyle, you need a haircut once every three weeks. Put it in your phone guys, and heed the reminder to make an appointment.

I Am Alpha M is here to “help average men with simple common sense advice; aimed to enhance their image, style, grooming, fashion and most importantly their confidence.” A site that does exactly that, here you’ll find thousands of videos and articles that’ll help you be the best man you can be. Check out what Aaron learned from his experience of filing for bankruptcy – there’s great advice here – do check it out.

Ask Andy About Clothes

Andy Gilchrist from Ask Andy About Clothes

Andy Gilchrist, author of The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes
Image: Ask Andy About Clothes on Twitter

Would you like to know how to match a patterned sport coat? For fashion info and discussion, Ask Andy About Clothes is your go-to men’s fashion forum. Suggestions include gray flannel pants and for a little extra sophistication, a collared knit polo shirt. As for Andy, he weighs in with his expert article, How to Match Clothes – A Guide to Mastering Clothing Coordination.

Speaking of mastering, Ask Andy About Clothes is a masterful combination of professional style advice with a ton of members ready to offer their thoughts on any question you care to ask. Do you know the rules of hat etiquette for men? There’s a long list of situations when it’s polite to remove your hat, but even if you get that part right, did you know there’s a correct way to hold your headgear so as not to show the lining? A fascinating read for the modern gentleman.

Risky Jackal

Man working out at home

You can get a good workout with just a few pieces of equipment
Image: antoniodiaz/Shutterstock

Are you missing the gym? If you’d like a rundown of some of the best online resources for people working out at home, you’ll love Risky Jackal’s post about keeping in shape while spending more time indoors. He says, “one of my favorite fitness apps, SHRED just added a new at-home section with mostly bodyweight exercises and minimal equipment.

Risky Jackal is the brainchild of John Philp Thompson, a “Chicago-based (but Texas born) photographer, model, blogger, list maker and risk taker.” A great destination for “all things menswear, travel and fitness… and everything in-between” check out this post full of awesome tips to help you declutter and organize your life.

We hope you’ve found something to interest and inspire you amongst the best of American lifestyle blogs. What makes a true gentleman in your opinion? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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