The ultimate guide to men’s slippers – Infographic

Slippers keep your feet warm and comfortable as you lounge around the house, but they’re also a vital piece of safety equipment. That’s because falls – many of which occur in the home – are one of the most common causes of injuries and hospitalizations. 

The good news? There are many awesome leather slippers to choose from. From indoor shoes designed for a Prince, to the footwear of Roman Senators, here’s our ultimate guide to the best slippers for well-dressed men.

Albert slippers

Albert slippers in oxblood from Samuel Windsor

Albert slippers combine comfort and elegance
Image: Albert slippers in oxblood from Samuel Windsor

Consort to the British Queen Victoria, Prince Albert is perhaps most famous for having died of typhoid fever in 1861 at the relatively young age of 42. His demise broke the Queen’s heart, and she wore mourning dress for the rest of her life.

The Queen, whose catchphrase was, “we are not amused”, eventually died in 1901, but before she did, she asked for her husband’s dressing gown and a plaster cast of his hand to be placed with her in her coffin. Would Albert’s slippers have been a better choice? Possibly. They were designed for the man himself, for the purpose of wandering the long corridors of castles and stately homes without walking grime into the rugs.

Albert slippers are made from soft nappa leather with soft leather soles and half-lining. They are designed for comfort, flexibility, and classic style.

Grecian slippers

Grecian leather slippers in navy from Samuel Windsor

Luxury fleece lining provides extra warmth without sacrificing style
Image: Grecian leather slippers in navy from Samuel Windsor

A slightly less formal slipper than the regal Albert, Grecian slippers have their origins in the balmy mediterranean. Ancient Greeks had little use for slippers during the summer, preferring to go barefoot at home but, contrary to the common concept of Greece as a land of blue skies and aquamarine seas, winters get very cold in the mountainous north.

The need for slippers is clear – and you’ll love this modern take on ancient Greek winter-wear – the Grecian. You get a soft nappa leather upper and sole but with a fleece lining. Here’s a stylish way to keep your feet warm and comfortable on the coldest winter evenings.

Moccasin slippers

Dartmoor moccasin slippers from Samuel Windsor

Suede moccasins are suitable for indoors and out
Image: Dartmoor moccasin slippers from Samuel Windsor

Moving closer to home, the moccasin – traditional footwear of Native Americans – is the quintessential American slipper. The original outdoor shoes were all leather, often featuring elaborate decoration, and were made to give the wearer protection from the elements and terrain while also offering flexibility, breathability and grip.

These days moccasins combine the benefits of soft leather or suede with modern rubber soles which offer functionality as well as style. A great option for a man about the house, moccasin slippers feature a warm fleece lining and 100% wool tweed trim. With a sturdy rubber sole, these slippers are great for putting out the trash, and also work as a driving shoe, offering you comfort when you’re behind the wheel with excellent grip on the pedals.

Mule slippers

Black leather mules from Samuel Windsor

The soft padded footbed make these slip-ons a dream to wear
Image: Black leather mules from Samuel Windsor

Reports vary as to the historical roots of these open backed leather slippers, but two main origin stories emerge. The first argues that mules were developed in 12th century Vietnam, with the unenclosed heel making it harder for concubines to run away.

The second narrative is more democratic. Mules may take their name from the Latin phrase “mulleus calceus” which refers to the red slippers Roman Senators and magistrates wore. Wherever mules came from, these slippers are a great option for when you want something easy to get on and off.

Made from soft nappa leather with soft indoor leather soles, these mules also feature a luxurious half leather lining, ensuring excellent comfort and breathability.

Outdoor mule slippers

Brown leather outdoor mules from Samuel Windsor

These rugged slippers are easy to slip on and off
Image: Brown leather outdoor mules from Samuel Windsor

For a slightly more rugged take on the mule, why not try our outdoor version with non-slip leather soles? The slightly raised back helps keep your hooves well shod while the leather lining offers natural comfort that’s hard to beat. These slippers are a great option for putting out the trash or retrieving the newspaper.

No man should be without a decent pair of leather slippers. Offering a little bit of everyday luxury, they keep your feet warm and help to prevent slips and falls. Need more help to decide the best pair for you? Our helpful infographic below will help you choose.

Now you know which slipper style you want, browse our range of men’s leather slippers to find the perfect pair.

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