Why it’s smart to wear pajamas

Man wearing loungewear in the Hollywood Golden Age

Loungewear was everywhere during Hollywood’s golden age.
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Dapper men opt for loungewear at home. Unconvinced? Just look to your favorite silver screen heroes – those guys knew how to be comfortable while maintaining the elegance and poise that epitomized Hollywood’s golden era – just check out James Stewart in 1954’s Rear Window – the man is seldom out of his pajamas.

But a decent set of PJs do more than make you look and feel good. When it comes to sleep quality, nightwear helps your body maintain the right temperature all night long. Here we take a look at what the best-dressed guys wear to relax, unwind, and sleep in.

Loungewear to relax in

Navy check loungewear from Samuel Windsor

Nightwear is the ultimate loungewear
Image source: Navy check loungewear from Samuel Windsor

Pajamas are daywear for hot countries – in fact the traditional definition of pajamas is “loose drawers or trousers, usually of silk or cotton, tied round the waist, worn by both sexes in Turkey, Iran, India, etc.”

It was the Europeans who originally adapted pajamas for use as nightwear, but in Turkey, Iran and India people wore clothing with a relaxed fit because it was hot. Pajamas weren’t just for bedtime, but were essential for comfort during scorching days and balmy evenings.

Winding down after a long day? Make the mental switch to your evening routine by changing into loungewear. Whether you’re watching TV, catching up on emails or reading a book, you’ll be more relaxed and comfortable in warm, loose clothing – and it’s a great way to signal to your body that this is down time.

Enjoy a PJ morale boost

Red check cotton loungewear from Samuel Windsor

Nice PJs make a hospital stay more bearable
Image source: Red check cotton loungewear from Samuel Windsor

A hospital stay is never welcome, but it’s something that happens to many of us at one time or another. But while age and illness get the better of us all in the end, dressing down in fusty old pajamas will only make you feel worse.

Instead, get yourself some bright, cheerful mix and match PJ sets. Strong plaid pattern PJ pants in brushed cotton feel good against the skin, and a soft, clean t-shirt will give you a lift too. And while a nice set of pajamas is no miracle cure, do remember that how you look on the outside does affect your mood. Wearing bright clothes is a morale booster – make the most of it.

Loungewear is work from home wear

Man working on laptop in loungewear

Loungewear makes working from home more comfortable
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During these strange times, many more of us are working from home, a trend that looks set to continue. And though dressing for the day ahead plays an important role in keeping you motivated, it’s vital to be comfortable too.

A set of quality loungewear, a full-length dressing gown, and a pair of luxury leather slippers keeps you warm and comfortable as you work. Concerned about losing motivation if you let your work dress code slip? You may be interested to know that the wartime Great British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill helped the allied forces win WW2 from the comfort of his bed – and even occasionally from his bathtub!

If wearing loungewear during work time isn’t for you – take a look at these 5 top tips for remote working to keep you feeling smart, professional and focussed on the task at hand.

Get a good night’s rest

Navy tartan nightshirt from Samuel Windsor

You, plus effective thermal regulation, equals a restful night’s sleep
Image source: Navy tartan nightshirt from Samuel Windsor

Your body temperature varies during the night depending on where you’re at in your sleep cycle – a process known as thermoregulation. For optimal sleep, your body cools by as much as 2° Farenheit, and if you mess with this process by cranking up the heating, you won’t sleep well.

Being too warm in bed is one of the leading causes of poor sleep quality. Far better to turn down the thermostat, crack open the window and rely on your duvet and pajamas to keep you warm during the night. Don’t like wearing pajamas? Try wearing a traditional nightshirt instead.

Pajamas function equally well as nightwear or loungewear and should be an integral part of every well-dressed gent’s wardrobe. But whether you opt for traditional pajamas, mixed separates or a men’s nightshirt, remember – whatever you do, don’t wear your underwear while you sleep – you’ll cook a vital part of your anatomy and render it less effective…

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