WIN a pair of tweed shoes and boss it like a Brit

Prestige Bartlett Brogues in tweed from Samuel Windsor

Win this pair of Prestige Bartlett Brogues in tweed

The competition to win a pair of supremely stylish tweed brogue shoes worth $95 has now closed. Congratulations goes to Benjamin Wolfe of Texas – we hope you love your new tweed shoes from Samuel Windsor!

Don’t miss out – for a chance to win future prizes, simply follow us on twitter @SamuelWindsorUS

And in the meantime, for tips on how to boss British style, read our quick guide…

Why dress like a Brit?

Classic British style from Samuel Windsor

Classic British style
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Peaky Blinders and Downton Abbey are just two of the British period dramas currently acing it here in the U.S. Americans seem to love classic British style – but why? We thought we’d take a look at the kind of ensemble a Brit would wear and why this has so much appeal in the U.S. As you’ll see, it all comes down to shared values.


Samuel Windsor tweed jackets

Look every inch the British gentleman in tailored tweed
Image source: Samuel Windsor tweed jackets

Chilly, damp, blustery, gray – these are words many Brits use to describe the UK summer, let alone the miserable winters. No, it’s nowhere near as cold as parts of the U.S. but, blasted from every direction by salty winds straight from the sea, the cold, dark British winters offer a level of misery few countries can match.

But they have tweed – which makes all the difference. The original cloth, woven from the fleece of highland sheep, comes from the Isle of Harris in the Scottish Hebrides. With a cut that’s square in the shoulders and nipped in at the waist, not only do Samuel Windsor tweed jackets make you look like a straight-backed Britisher, but you’ll avoid “getting the wind up you,” as they say!


Tattersall shirts from Samuel Windsor

Made from super soft brushed cotton, Tattersall shirts
Image source: Tattersall shirts from Samuel Windsor

Remember the story of the British officer who, while overseas, was asked by his host whether he’d like a drink? Replying in the affirmative, he was mistakenly offered a glass of something that looked like sherry, but was in fact shampoo. Did he moan? Did he blow bubbles? No. He drank it down, said how delicious it was, and politely accepted a top-up.

If there’s one thing the Brits hate, it’s a fuss – making one or being on the receiving end. That’s why they like to fit seamlessly into any social situation – they do it by wearing classic clothes that never date. Take the soft Tattersall shirt – beloved by country gents, it goes with almost everything, is suitable for almost every smart casual occasion, and hey guess what? Americans love it too.


Two-tone tweed brogues from Samuel Windsor

Two-tone tweed brogues
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Whichever side of the pond you happen to hail from, Brits and Americans share a hatred of being ‘sold a pup’ – quality matters to us. That’s what makes our shoes so popular – hand made from quality Italian leather, and featuring Goodyear welted soles which can be replaced over and over – our shoes win rave reviews from customers everywhere.

Choosing new shoes? Check out our two-tone tweed brogues – shoes which trace their roots back to royalty. Brogues are modelled on the perforated leather shoes that ghillies – Scottish gamekeepers – used to wear. When he saw them, Prince Edward, later Edward VIII loved them and ordered several pairs for his royal trotters. This delightful pair combines both the best of leathers and tough, durable tweed – the ultimate combination of quality and style.


Country ties from Samuel Windsor

A burgundy tie projects quiet confidence
Image source: Country ties from Samuel Windsor

It’s during the Edwardian era and two explorers are crossing the fabled empty quarter of the Sahara from opposite directions, on camels. As they trot nearer and nearer, one recognizes, by the cut of his jacket, that the other is a fellow Brit. As they cross paths, each raises his hat, but neither utters a word.

It’s hard, even for Brits, to fathom what their fellow countrymen really think, and is one of the reasons they find Americans so endlessly refreshing. But if you can’t say what you think, how the heck does anyone communicate? The answer is to dress and behave in a certain way – we’re talking the subtle art of the tie. Choose yours with care.


Samuel Windsor chinos

Brits and American share a love of the classic chino
Image source: Samuel Windsor chinos

Think of classic British sports cars and what stands out is the cleanness of their lines – the spartan simplicity that’s about speed, handling and style. Brits don’t go for bells and whistles, they like classy design that whispers rather than shouts. They care about looks, and they care about what’s under the bonnet – what things are made of.

It’s an approach that transcends the sports car metaphor to embrace everything from shoes to pants, which is where the British find common cause with their American brothers. That’s because the British pants of choice – chinos – are a shared invention. The original khaki color is a British colonial development, the cotton twill dates from the Spanish American war.

If you’re a snappy transatlantic dresser, you’ll love our stunning tweed and leather brogues – remember, our competition is now closed but you can buy a pair of stylish brogues from our online shoe department. 


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